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  1. Guys just a quick note, BH do not employ bailiffs they only have 2 types of staff that work on late accounts, the first you'll come across if you're late paying is a CAA (customer account advisor) they are based at store level and report to the manager, the second is known as ARM (asset recovery manager) they report to the regional manager and head office, ARM's often knock on doors and state they are from Caversham finance which is the company name of Brighthouse it's worth noting that both types of staff are relatively un-experienced in debt recovery and many have been promoted from sales advisors and have been trained in house often the wrong way. Brighthouse can't take anything from your property without your consent, each time they take something back they must get a collection by consent form signed, so if you don't sign to say you agree they can't take it, if they do somehow manage to get the goods without your consent it will be quite a bad situation for them. Don't be bullied the person at your door is likely inexperienced, unqualified individual who has no sound understanding of debt collection rules or acts of parliament That cover it, they will say anything to get you to hand over the goods so the figures look good come Saturday.
  2. Correct info for Brighthouse Caversham Finance Ltd, 5 Hercules Way, Leavesden Park, Watford WD25 7GS. Phone 01923 488 200 Chairman Richard Pim CEO Leo Mckee Retail and Service Director Andy Parkinson Finance Director Giles David. Stores email address like this store town at brighthousestores dot co dot uk Regional managers email address like this joe.bloggs at brighthousestores dot co dot uk senior managers I.e CEO and directors etc.. like this joe.bloggs at brighthouse dot co dot uk All Brighthouse support functions are now based at Watford head office. Hope this is usefull
  3. What you will find Jacko is that they are near identical companies in the way they work, they have slight things that are different and obviously one is more established than the other, the reason for this is that when Perfect Homes was formed a load of top Brass from Brighthouse jumped ship and joined them and took the business model with them. Buy to view is another example the top guy there Graham Clarke used to be the retail Director for Brighthouse he got binned when the new CEO took over Brighthouse, Graham then went to Buy to view, I know loads of people who work for Buyv now who where poached from Brighthouse. All these sub prime lenders have roots into each other...
  4. I can answer all your questions as I used to be a Store manager for Brighthouse. 1. Any item of stock that is put on agreement and then terminated because the customer has changed there mind the system will make the Item appear as QR ( Used ) even though the item may not have even been out of the box or even plugged in, You are right though the sales advisor should have explained this to you at the time. 2. At the time of signing the agreement you should have sat down with the sales advisor and gone through the agreements which you where signing, the sales advisor should have used an agreement guide presenter to explain the different arrears of the agreement which you where signing and the terms, cash price etc.. If you can prove you did not sit down with the sales advisor and go through the agreement properly I.e. they just said sign here and here and initial all the boxes on the back page then speak to the manager and explain that the terms of the agreement and what you where signing for where not properly explained to you at the point of sign up. it's unfortunate that you signed last year which was the old format of agreement, more recently the agreements and process of signing have had to be changed in line with european laws which would have been easier for you to mount an argument, in any case this is going to be hard to prove, Brighthouse will stick to there guns and show you a copy of the agreement you signed and stand by that you where taken through the process correctly. 3. Regarding your payments your making now there is not much you can do, once the agreement is signed thats the price you pay same as any other retailer. 4. regarding exchanging the TV without OSC (optional service cover) they will not change it or except it back has you have no returnability without OSC unless there is a fault and its within the first 12 months and then it would either get fixed by Brighthouse or exchanged for the same model. A trick you could try is by doing this but it may cost you a little more, go into the store and ask if you can have OSC put onto the TV the payments will go up a little each week, leave 2-4 weeks and then go in and tell them you want to return it, the sales advisors will just check you have OSC and arrange a collection, bobs you uncle. Earlier you said that the term of the TV was over 146 weeks instead of 156 weeks, I personally find this strange that they have knocked over £150 of a TV that is supposed to be boxed brand new, I would double check that it has not been used before, it could be that they have reduced the weeks as a goodwill gesture as it says QR instead of new on your agreement but I find that a little strange.. Good luck...
  5. Two years ago Brighthouse made significant changes to the way it collects arrears, which saved millions of pounds. This was done by streamlining the debt collection workforce and cutting back on company assets used to collect debt which was mainly leased vans. Before the changes where made each store in the company estate had it own van which was only used for debt collection purposes, the debt teams in store mainly consisted of 2 full time CAA's ( Customer Account Advisors ) and it was there job to ring customers in arrears and also go out in the van visiting customers homes to arrange payment and collect goods etc. The company decided to make cuts to save cost, and removed all the vehicles from the stores, this meant that the CAA's became store bound and became office based, thus the FCAA ( Field Customer Account Advisor ) was born, basically the FCAA had a company van and covered 3 - 4 stores on a rota basis running the stores debt, there was also a cut back in staff. As of Monday the 16th May 2011 every store in the Brighthouse estate will be each getting a Transit van and it is now down to the store to come out and visit customers in arrears, basically just the same has it used to be 2 years ago as the changes Brighthouse made have not worked and the company debt levels have increased significantly. So as of next week the people you speak to on the phone regarding any late accounts will be also visiting your address, although as the job became office based lots of the CAA's who are now expected to drive the vans and do visits dont have driving licences so there is a good chance the knock on the door will come from the store Manager or there deputy who ever has a licence basically. I would advise to be vigilant and read your terms and conditions and know your stuff, many of the employees who are going to be out knocking on doors as of next week wont be experienced in home visits and collections. If any one should need advice I will monitor the forums daily and assist where I can, as I have said before I'm only offering advice not information on how to rip Brighthouse off.
  6. Well guys it's that time of year again when all the suppliers of your Brighthouse items flock to the NEC arena in Birmingham to showcase the items that Brighthouse will be selling this year, the day will be set out in a trade fair format and the suppliers will be falling over themselves trying to get all the Brighthouse store managers to buy into there merchandise to sell on to the customers this coming year. There will also be a conference in the afternoon at the Hilton metropol hotel where the top brass will boast the company profits for the prior year and generally lots of back patting and self praise going around, last year they even had guest speakers discussing the Will to Win which happened to be theme they where Olympic gold medalists Steve Williams OBE and Sally Gunnell OBE, the thing was set out like the Parkinson show and they where the guests being interviewed by the retail director Andy Parkinson, the whole thing was cheesy and I fell asleep twice! Later in the evening at the Hilton hotel there will be a black tie awards night where awards will be given out to the best performers of the year, which is mainly worked out by how much profit they have made etc. Last year they had a Celeb handing out the gongs Bill Beaumont CBE, followed by a 3 course gourmet meal and live entertainment, last year the entertainment was provided by Olly Muirs and later followed by a disco. Sadly I wont be attending this year so I wont be able to report on the event which is due to take place either next Tuesday or the Tuesday after, sadly this is a invite only event so dont go hiring a tuxedo or ball gown! Personally I'd rather ride a galloping hedgehog bareback than attend another Brighthouse conference.
  7. Pam, You need to get the account holder to go into the store and request an early settlement figure or in Brighthouse language an EPO ( Early Payment Option ) figure, be prepared to jump through hoops for it though as an EPO cost them money on their profit and loss as they are losing interest etc.. some stores may just tell you the figure there and then others may insist on sending the figure out by post which is done so it wont affect this weeks sales! you may be asked to put it in writing first either way they will make it difficult and try to put you off, stand your ground. It sounds like the figure they have given you is the full term figure which is what is left to pay if you carry on paying it weekly, they have done this to put you off. Good luck!
  8. I wouldnt waste money on the postage to be honest at this stage either a call or a face to face with the Manager should do the trick, just explain that you will be reporting this to the Customer care line and he should sort it. Store Managers dont like things going through the care line as it causes them grief in the long run, you see when you ring care line it is logged against the store and passed to the Regional Manager to deal with, I have known Store managers get disciplined for the volume of complaints logged against the store, as a report is run of each week and reviewed by the CEO and the directors each Monday and heads roll should any store have high numbers of complaints. If the Store manager has got anything about him it wont get that far trust me. Good luck
  9. The Brighthouse service cycle should take no longer than 6 weeks! if what your saying on the time scales is correct this is madness. I have seen this before whilst working for Brighthouse, Demand a replacement fridge of similar age and Value to your original one when it first went faulty, if you have OSC ( Optional Service Cover ) it states in the contract that if your item can not be fixed it will be replaced with one similar age and value, in your case it was brand new. Dont ring H/O direct call the customer careline number found on the agreements you sign and report it through them, it is all logged and reviewed weekly by the company directors, each Regional Manager as 24hrs to close the complaints down or they get it in the neck, if you stand your ground hard enough you will get what you want just so they can make the complaint go away. Good luck.
  10. Nonsense there is things they can do! you need to stand your ground, Ring the store and speak to the Store Manager, chances are you have only been speaking to the Deputy Manager who runs the shop floor and deals with service issues, the Managers doent tend to get involved with issues like this. Tell the manager you have paid x amount and you either want it discounting of your payments or you want the figure converted into weeks and knocking off the end of your agreement, if he/she fails to do this ask for the customer care line number and give them a call, the Regional Manager should call you back within 24hrs to resolve the issue which will probably result in the outcome you want. In hind sight you should have refused the delivery, the store Manager would have sorted this more prompt as they wouldnt want to lose the sale. Good luck!
  11. If anyone has been to your door claiming to be representing any other company or claiming they have rights that they dont have and you know they are a Brighthouse FCAA ( Field Customer Account Advisor ) or a Brighthouse ARM ( Asset Recovery Manager ) you should call the store and ask for the number for the Brighthouse customer care line number and report this, it is illegal under the administration of justice act. Both of the positions above when attending your property have to show you an ID card that has the Brighthouse logo on the top and state clearly who they are representing and why, please note that Brighthouse does NOT employ any certified Baliffs and therefore have no rights to enter your property or remove any goods without your permission.
  12. Hello, I am a well experienced Brighthouse store Manager willing to offer sound advice and answer any questions that any of you may have on Brighthouse policies procedures etc.. Please be aware though I will not give you advice on how to rip them off so please refrain from asking me. I am new to this site so be gentle, I will try and get on the site daily to answer any queries or questions you may have. So fire away I'm ready!
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