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  1. Things have not changed on this matter, Ross & Roberts have failed to respond to any communications, the bailiff has made no contact and the council keep saying they'll call back but never do. It is now three weeks since the letter from the bailiff arrived but my girlfriend still has no written breakdown of what is owed and why. More importantly she has not made any payments to anybody and I am concerned that it will look like she is making no effort to repay the debt which is not the case. She wants to make regular payments of £10 per week (maybe more) to start settling the issue but doesn't know how to do it. Given Ross & Roberts previous poor form and their lack of communication means that she would like to make such payments direct to the council, would that be an advisable route to take? If not are there any other options that will at least show an intent to pay?
  2. Thanks for the advice which I will endeavor to act on in the coming days. I am now back in London with limited internet access so I'll do what I can for my girlfriend in a few days when I see her.
  3. There is no question of whether she owes the money or not, that has never been in dispute so would it be worth making an affordable but regular payment direct to Ross & Roberts via their website as a means of showing intent to pay?
  4. No, we are not living together, I am in London and she is fifty miles away in Portsmouth. She has contacted the council and has asked for a breakdown of what is owed although it will now be monday at the earliest before she gets an answer. Two previous visits have been made and she has been charged accordingly. I am unsure of how many liability orders have been made but the money owed is across three annual bills going back to 2008.
  5. There are all sorts of convoluted rules on which forces can go for free, where, when and under what circumstances-it's all rather complicated. The general rule adopted is that any police officer just needs to show their warrant to travel at no financial cost, the other side of the coin is that train crew or any other railway employee will expect any officers to assist should it become necessary. On a personal level you would be welcome on my train anytime, I never know when I might need you or one of your colleagues.
  6. My girlfriend is currently having difficulties with bailiffs from Ross & Roberts Co, in February she uncovered a huge discrepancy between what the bailiff was charging (and threatening to add) and what was actually owed, she was able to get a full breakdown of the debt by emailing Ross & Roberts directly and the debt was transferred to a new bailiff, this morning she had a first visit from the new bailiff while she was out, the letter from the new bailiff is as follows. FIRST NOTICE We have attended today in respect of your debt. Unless you contact me immediately I will return to your property with a view to levy distress (listing your goods) as a security against this debt which will incur further costs. Further statutory costs under the Council Tax Regulations 1992 will become payable. On contacting the bailiff he quoted the debt as being £782.45, despite Ross & Roberts H/O confirming the debt as only £364.90 just a few weeks ago. He claimed the increase was due to C/T debt from 2010/2011 having been added (even though my girlfriend is paying this in instalments direct to the council). He also claimed that if he comes to the property and makes a levy distress order it will add about £200 to the debt. He is unwilling to discuss any payment plan until she makes a payment of £182.45 (coincidentally exactly half the debt she was quoted in February) within two weeks, she made it clear that this would be impossible as she only gets £130 per fortnight in benefits and is paying rent and C/T out of that money. Is it worth emailing Ross & Roberts H/O again to verify the debt and query the vague figures being quoted by their agent (who titles himself 'Bailiff In Charge'. She has contacted the council this morning and is awaiting a reply on what is happening with the 2010/2011 C/T account. I don't know if it is any help but she is on DLA due to suffering from long term depression. Could really do with some help on this please.
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