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  1. So its better to do it myself.. Going to put the SARS in by recorded delivery on my completion date..
  2. Also requested a reference for future landlord but they have refused its OK I only dealt with them and lived in that house for 17 years.. So obviously I'm a bad payer NOT
  3. Just had redemption statement through which is Balance outstanding xxx Interest due xxx Overdue balance xxx gone up by 600 sine last one?? No late payments of any kind And a mortgage account fee xxx Anyone know what these last 3 figures are for.. I'm just sending it to solicitor now then I get a complete date Am I doing the right thing??
  4. No access to it online I can't speak to them as end up losing my rag.. As they have just not left me alone with the threats
  5. And I can't make head NIR tale of the statement Money credited here there everywhere and debuted just don't understand it
  6. Just numerous letters stating different figures and mortgage statements the last 1 of each I received a few weeks ago both different figures When I asked why the difference I was told litigation fees
  7. So I will end up paying all costs for charges, visits I didn't request and litigation fees that didn't happen Inspire of the fact I haven't missed any payments Should I delay or pull out of my sale then do you think??
  8. Hi Thanks for replys so far Can I confirm this is something I can claim back afterwards As I don't want to put the sale back. And lose NY buyers
  9. Hi Looking for some help I have probate on a property which is in my husband's name (No insurance or endowment on property) - Never into mine as I have terrible credit Since 2005 I have maintained the Mortgage interest payments ONLY along with any home improvements etc And have continued to live in property with my son who is now 17 Over the years I have fallen into arrears gone to court a few times made arrangements and continued to live there. The last time I went to court was 2012 all because I didnt answer a ingoing's and outgoing's query they had with me. I was helped on here. At the beginning of last year they sent a letter requesting that I had to let them no my intentions with the property. I told them I wanted to continue to live there as was. I have NOT fallen into more arrears and have continued to pay them off. Infact 2 years ago I increased my payments in abid to clear of the arrears faster. In September last year I recieved a letter from Eversheds requesting Full Payment of outstanding mortgage or face eviction. They were going to take me to court to evict me. ( I have bank statements to prove how much and how regular I pay both the mortgage and the arrears) I have maintained everything as per our agreements made in court in 2012 prior to that was 2009 and I had maintained our agreement between those dates as well. Yet I think court costs etc went onto my costs Every time they correspond with me the figures of arrears and the balance of the mortgage changes by a few thousand. I have requested statements of charges this has been ignored... By both Santander & Eversheds I even had them sent a solicitors letter requesting they back off as I had done nothing wrong except maintain what was agreed. Fast foreward a month or so and I decided I had had enough put the house up for sale. They are now delaying with my solicitor settlement figures as I have a buyer.. This is all we are waiting for so we can arrange a date to complete And I will be out of there and all the headaches. I have just got off the phone to them and they are charging me for litigation fees again even though the account has been with Eversheds since september and HAS NOT proceeded to court. Can I dispute the charges how do I go about it.. Is it better to do it now or after we have completed and moved out.. Also I will need a reference from them for renting purposes.. How do i get that off them??? Any advice on how to proceed next would be great Sorry for long post and thanks for reading
  10. No idea I know for a fact nothing was ever it was lapsed as I found the letters Outstanding mortgage is in the region of 57,000 including arrears and charges and maybe £75,000 - £80,000 at a guess for value. Although with a knotweed issue unsure if that would affect it which I am in the process of sorting
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