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  1. thanks for replying dx100uk debt was assigned to Arrowe in 2011, I don't know why they have said they have written to Sainsburys for the documentation, perhaps its just a ploy to put me off, I will know soon enough because they have said they will write back to me this week "with an update". Then I will seek your advice on what to do next, all depending on what they turn up. I do know these companies are full of dirty tricks. I had one company send me a letter threatening legal action, just before Christmas, two years ago. I asked them f
  2. dx100uk - Have I misinterpreted BankFodder's post re I entered into an agreement to pay £1 a month etc? The silly letter is the one that I can send apparently to stop Capquest from constantly ringing me? I do understand that the action I take depends on whether Sainsburys turn up legally enforceable paperwork, which, if and when that happens, I will refer back to you guys for advice. Thanks again for all your help on here, you are invaluable.
  3. Okay I will wait until end of February to see what they come back with then I will seek advice from you guys. Capquest have been ringing me, texting me, so now I know I can send them a letter to tell them to stop contacting me by phone, that's helpful. Even if I have to pay them £1 a month for ever I don't care, so long as they stop harassing me by phone, I can cope with the letters. It will cost them more in the admin costs than they will ever receive in payment. Thanks, as always, for your advice, much appreciated.
  4. Had Sainsburys Loan/card taken out 2004, with a top up on the loan in 2007. Advice from CAB in 2010 was to pay £1 a month as lost job and unable to continue making payments. Been paying that amount every since on both loan and credit card. Debt sold to Arrowe 2011 (I have copy of Assignment letters). Capquest harassing me since 2015 on behalf of Arrowe. Have received many letters from Capquest offering me a reduced amount to clear the debt (on both loan and credit card. Loan was £12k, credit card 800). I wrote 22/1/2020 to Capquest f
  5. Just double checked my bank statements, no payments were made to this account from June 2012, payment to Egg bounced back. Have letter from bank to say this. Never set up a payment to pay Barclays. So its quite interesting the information supplied by the DCA contains a supposed statement from Barclays to say I made a payment to them in October 2011... Never had any contact with Barclays, it would have been Egg but the "copy statement" says it relates to Barclays. That's fraud. Will send the Statue Barred letter and see what they do. If they had of replied to the
  6. There is a lot of dis-information out there you know! I trust this site its just I cant believe that these jokers contacted me 10 months after the original PAP form they sent me expecting me to comply! The information they have sent me is a joke, could be from anywhere! On that it says I made a payment in December 2011 to Barclays Bank in the sum of £1 (I never made any payments to Barclays so this information is fraudulent!) AND still no CCA which is probably why they haven't taken me to court because they know they cant enforce the debt. I will send them the Statu
  7. Bit worried about that because I have read if you do that and they find a way of saying you have paid towards the debt then the debt is no longer statue barred as you have admitted to it? I know I haven't made any payments towards it but I don't trust this lot.
  8. These jokers have just sent a response to my reply to the PAP form they sent me in December 2017 to which I replied back in December 2017 within the 30 days time scale. I asked them for a copy of the original CCA form (written, signed), along with complete set of statements, Notice of Assignment, Default Notice. What they have sent is a print out of what looks like my original internet application and a copy of a bank statement supposedly from Barclays detailing the debt and the charges, and Letter of Assignment of Debt dated August 2018. No written, signed CCA
  9. I agree but since when have such companies played it by the book? I have nothing to lose now by just waiting and seeing what, if anything, happens next. Thanks once again for your invaluable support. I will be in touch soon.
  10. Ok thanks for the very quick reply, so it is possible they could be going straight to court without providing me with the requested info, okay I will just wait and see what happens. Thanks again.
  11. I sent the letter (by recorded del signed for) off to the DCA asking for a copy of the agreement etc and enclosing the filled in PAP form etc and so far they have not replied! No phone calls, no letters, nothing and its been nearly 40 days now since I sent the letter, well over the 14 day limit to provide the requested information, and well over the 30 day limit to reply to the PAP. Should I now write to them and say as they have not replied to my request for a copy of the agreement etc I now consider the matter closed? Is that the best way forward? Or is it possib
  12. Just a thought - if BCard are now the owner of my debt then can I hit them for any PPI and charges Egg applied to my account...... Thank you for spelling it out for me, much appreciated. Have read posts etc and will proceed as you suggest. Thanks again, will keep you posted as to what happens. Only joking about the PPI claim to Bcard!
  13. I have read thru the Pre Action Protocol and made notes on what I should expect from Robinson Way and what I need to do. Will complete the form asking for a copy of the CCA, full statement of account and copy of notice of assignment. They omit to tell me in the Letter of Claim that I can request a copy of the CCA which it says in the Pre Action Protocol they should do. They have also ommited other relevant information like an up to date statement of account. I suspect they dont have a copy of the original agreement or if they do they dont want to provide me with a copy
  14. Yep, they sent that form in with the Letter of Claim. not sure if it is exactly the same, will compare them. I dont trust Robinson Way as the income/expenditure form they included lists PIP/DLA as one of the things to include in income. I am on PIP and I know that you dont include that as part of your income as CAB told me that years ago.
  15. So, what do I do then? Wait for them to reply with a copy of the CCA? Or fill the forms in now and send off to them (omitting the income/expenditure cause I dont think they have a right to know that info yet) requesting a copy of the CCA in their forms? Like many on here, not use to fighting these beggers but I dont want to give in to them. I want to fight! Dont know what I am doing on here yet so bear with me because I am a Luddite. I tried to post a reply to your message, dont know what happened to it. You say I need to reply "in a specific w
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