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  1. Thanks, thats really useful info. I had read about that case but was not sure what to take from it. Emma
  2. I don't think you have a claim just yet! It may be sorted by the time you get there. if in doubt go to the holiday provider before you go.
  3. Hi all, This is probably an age old question, I have been trying to research this but am getting confused. I was travelling from Rome on 18th March back to Gatwick. My Easy jet flight was supposed to be departing at 18.50, we did not get on the flight until 23.05 , ove 4 hours delay, this ment that we did not arrive a t Gatwick until 00.30 at which point no trains (we had purchased advanced tickets to make our return journey). I could not wait another 6 hours to get a train back as I was so exhausted I felt ill. i paid for a taxi home which cost £98. The flight was delay du
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