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  1. can anyone help, is there anywhere who can do a payday loan for those on benefits? cheers
  2. i need to get my ring out the pawn shop. Im in tha much debt another 150 odd isnt going to make much differance. is there anywhere atall who would lend me the money? i dont mind even paying double back im that desperate
  3. hello thanks for the reply i cant get a crisis loan at the moment, im at the stage they make you go into job center for 1 to 1 interview where they are very strict and need a very good reason for them to give you anything and dont accept any reasons you have given in the past which is the case here I need a quick £80 loan regardless of apr, ideally id like to pay over 2 months and would be willing to have it come straight off my JSA if i supplied NI number if atall possible any suggestions would be great
  4. hello there, this looks to be an excellent and informitive forum id hate to make my first post a question but i urgently need advice I have had several payday loans in the past and have a bad credit history I realise i need to get this sorted out but right now i badly need a quick loan of £80 I dont care about the APR, im on job seekers allowance. I cant get from providential or several other companies. I also cant get a crisis loan justnow any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks allot
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