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  1. I use WiFi Analyser on Android and the WiFi analysis come back clean. Is InSSIDer better or different? The WiFi Transmitters are pretty far apart also the WiFi signal strength is always full and the WiFi connection doesn't actually drop, I can still be connected to WiFi but not connected to internet.
  2. It is FTTC 80:20. When connected via cable the test comes in at 58 meg which is above the point of sale speed. Which means technically Plusnet are fulfilling there end of the bargain however they are most definitely doing something which is affecting the speeds that come through via the WiFi because all other options have been exhausted. I just need a solution to get this resolved. Thanks
  3. I would have thought so to and actually thought throttling was a thing of the past. Given my current situation, there is literally nothing else I can think that would be causing the problem. Two different routers are giving the exact same results. If the problem with the Plusnet router then it would have stopped when I switched back to the BT router. I find it improbable there is an issue with the hardware given there were no problems until the broadband was switched over to Plusnet. The WiFi signal is actually fine and stable because I have checked that with an Analyser app. The problem
  4. Forgot to mention. I started out with the Plusnet Hub One and then switched over to the old BT Smart Hub 6. I'm not using repeaters, I'm using hardwired access points. I've checked everything on the internal network and the issue is not internal. It is 100% Plusnet but have no idea what they are doing to throttle the speed transmitted via WiFi.
  5. Hi All We switched over from BT to Plusnet at the back end of last year, just before christmas and since the switchover, I have not had a decent internet connection through the WiFi since. Background: The house is a large old property with brick walls so WiFi is spotty in some areas, to resolve this I have placed access points that are hard wired in where necessary. When the provider was BT there were no problems I could test with a cable or WiFi and the speed would be pretty similar. Since switching over to Plusnet the internet speed through the WiFi has been awful and I don't think
  6. Thanks for merging the threads admin. I completely forgot I posted that.
  7. Hi All I made a claim for PIP back in January 2017 which was denied because I didn't score enough points. I requested the Mandatory Reconsideration and the original decision was upheld. I didn't really do the letter properly and was already fed up at the first hurdle and didn't take it any further, although I probably should have. I made a fresh claim in November 2017 which was successful and the two claims were virtually identical in that nothing had changed in relation to my health. The questions posed in the health assessment were very different though. I would like to claim
  8. No idea, I was just given a phone number. The local CAB are pretty overwhelmed in all honesty. I'm confident enough to complete the application, I want guidance to ensure that I don't end up going through the same problems as before. The main issue I have is that the questions on the form and the criteria are so heavily orientated towards physical health conditions, that it seems anything related to mental health conditions just wouldn't fit.
  9. I contacted MIND and they referred me elsewhere and unfortunately not been able to speak to anyone.
  10. Hi, yes there is, are they able to provide help on this matter?
  11. Hi I was wondering if anyone can help me claim PIP. Briefly, I have severe mental health issues, whilst I was unemployed for nearly 15 months I was told by a local organisation who were supposed to help me find work (they didnt) that I would be able to claim PIP. They helped me complete an application, which was accompanied by medical notes, had a "medical assessment" by someone who didn't seem to know much more than I did about mental health and my application got rejected. I then asked the local organisation who helped me start the process to help me appeal and they left me to
  12. Hi I have been in contact with Vodafone however there is no resolution as yet and it does not relate to another matter. Thanks
  13. Hi All I have followed the procedure as per the Sticky Note Thanks
  14. Hi all Many thanks to Lee who has resolved the issues that were on going. Apologies for the delay in updating the thread. Please update to resolved status. Kind regards xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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