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  1. Hi, I am trying to find out is it acceptble for Santander to refuse to offer me anything other than their expensive SVR? I was with Abbey, now it's Santander, had mortgage about 5 years. I had credit problems when first left Uni and had the mortgage transfered to them. I pay over £360 on an £80k mortgage. My friends who are on Variable rate have been paying half this. My mum recently had a letter from the Halifax refunding over £2k as they had locked her in an SVR when they shouldnt have. When I phoned Santander the woman said they wont offer me any other deal but I am free to go to another provider. So basically...sod off. I have no arrears and have not missed any payments for 4 years where I did get two months in arrears at one point. Any thoughts if anyone has the time. Many thanks.
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