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  1. hi, just received my full claim today as final settlement of £858. we will accept this offer. regards
  2. hi, update- sent Directions Questionnaire today. regards
  3. Hi, Alittle update- BACS Payment Schemes Limited have responded as follows – Thank you for your recent enquires where Bacs Service desk have responded to a number of your questions. We note from your correspondence that this matter is now the subject of legal proceedings, consequently, Bacs is unable to enter into any further correspondence with you in relation to this matter. Regards
  4. hi, a little update. ... i have been emailing bacs today for reSponses from me, they reply is- As you have detailed that this matter is in court for bank refusal to comply with the Direct Debit Guarantee and being unfair to yourself, I have escalated this matter to BACS Payment Schemes Limited to investigate and advise a response for you. Whilst the Scheme are investigating this matter for you, any future communication we receive from yourself will be forwarded on to themselves directly. We will acknowledge your emails, however we will not
  5. hi, I have until 9/3/17 to file it to court office. Regards
  6. hi, all info from mcol- You submitted a claim on 19/01/2017 at 05:33:01 Your claim was issued on 20/01/2017 TSB plc filed an acknowledgment of service on 06/02/2017 TSB plc filed a defence on 20/02/2017 A bar was put in place for TSB plc on 20/02/2017 DQ sent to TSB plc on 20/02/2017 regards
  7. hi, Thanx for replies. I have phoned bacs head office 0203 2178370 asking for the bacs best practice guide for processing of refunds book, not available to me. tsbs defence is based on that which i cant get hold of. regards
  8. hi, Ive included this to my sar- The Investigation of All internal/external emails sent by you, All internal/external letters sent by you, Copies of any stored telephone calls into my Direct Debit Indenmity claim made on 16/12/2016. Regards
  9. hi, two good points from above. i emailed the utility company on the 20/12/2016 to provide me with dd advance notice,there reply (21/12/16) was we no longer have any information related to your dd. i went to bank and they insisted on seeing the advance notice before applying the dd, told them these no information on my dds. i even sent a copy to banks ceo confirming this. regards
  10. hi, they phone at 1039am asking to speak to partner, i said how did u get my number? they said from our client. i said i never gave your client permission to have it as its ex directory.i told them to remove my number from there data base and put everything in writing and i hanged up on them. regards
  11. hi, bloody cheek. tsb have given my home number to tlt. regards
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