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  1. Last thing what next after calling the court to make sure they have the same? Will the debt still show on a credit search? Will i have to send anymore letters to get it removed etc?
  2. SUCCESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Just had a notice of discontinuation fro Bryan Carter !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant thank this site enough especially andyorch Will be making a donation Unbelievable
  3. Oh and the claimant has to pay £25 by 20th March if they want to go ahead and claim
  4. Hi every one who has helped so far. Today i received a notice of allocation to small claims track to be held in May. What do we do next i still haven't had any kind of proof she owes this debt from lowell. Also says if the claimant must clarify the case by march 17th Thank you
  5. So i hadnt heard anything for ages untill today get a letter Notice of Transfer of procedings. Its been transferred to a local court. What happens next?
  6. OHH NOO i hope theres time never received one so never knew. Ill down load and call then tomorrow. Thank you
  7. Doesn't the MCOL cover this? Im sure ive answered questions on the MCOL site asking about counterclaim fee If not ill get that send tommorow
  8. Hi Andy. I haven't recieved a DQ form to fill out only was sent a prefilled DQ from Carter with a front letter saying the claimant is prepared to settle out of court. I have submitted my defence online via MCOL should have done something else as well then. Where do i get my DQ to fill out and send? Thank you
  9. Thanks Andy. The Defence was sent via MCOL on 23/10/13 i guess i just wait to see what happens next then.
  10. Still need help with the Claimants Direction Questionnaire though haven't a clue what to do with it??
  11. Ok turns out that the persons name is the person at Bryan Carter im getting myself confused now
  12. Hold on just noticed as well that this Directions Letter i have received this morning company says Lowell Portfolio 1 LTD (letter attached from BC says Capital one PLC) Under the contact name ITS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!!!! its a mans name the person in question is female !!!! Whats going on !!!!!
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