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  1. Link Financial are scaremongers, they have tried it with me so many times and failed!! Always communicate with them in writing never via telephone, as long as you are paying them what you can afford don't worry. If they pressure you to pay more than you can afford or to increase your payments just ignore them, I have, if they persist send a letter of complaint to the Office of Fair Trading (OFT). Hope this helps, I hate this company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi, don't worry about this company they have been hassling me for years and got nowhere. Make sure you reply to them and tell them that you will report them to the Office of Fair Trading as they are harassing you and this goes against the OFT's regulations on debt collection. Just make sure you keep paying them the agreed amount, don't increase it! And under no circumstances get into a conversation with them on the telephone. Tell them you will only communicate with them by mail, that way you have everything in writing.


    I hope this helps, it worked for me. If you need any further help pop into your local Citizens Advice Centre.




    Can anyone please advise me on this?


    I got a phone call today from Link Financial DCA to whom my husband is paying £1 per month towards a debt he had with MBNA.


    We are heavily in debt and have 15 creditors (total debts of £52,000). The Citizens Advice Bureau have been helping us for 2 years. They sent an up to date financial statement to Link at their request on 9th Jan this year which still shows we can still only afford the token repayment of £1 per month, as we are paying all of the creditors.


    The woman who phoned said first of all "oh I can speak to you" when I said my husband was not available (unusual because they normally quote the Data Protection Act! and refuse to speak to anyone other than the accountholder) :confused: and then said that Link have changed their policy and will now only accept a minimum payment of £5 per month from homeowners (which we are, with a mortgage).


    I told her that we are not in a position to pay them more than £1. Yes we are homeowners but the mortgage along with gas, electric, water etc are our priority debts and if she looks at the financial statement she will see that after all priority debts are paid we only have £16 a month spare to pay between all the creditors!


    I then asked her whether this was a requirement by law, or just "their in house policy" to hassle homeowners for the minimum of £5 per month!


    She went very quiet and said she did not think it was a requirement by law, but it was now the new policy of Link Financial !


    She then got a bit flustered and said "I am new to this" and that she had "had someone speaking to her in her earpiece" :eek:


    She went quiet (listening to her earpiece no doubt :rolleyes: ) then followed up by saying "do you realise we can take out a charging order on your property if you don't agree a minimum of £5". I told her that we can only afford £1 a month not five pounds, and will continue to pay this regularly as we have been doing. I told her that all our creditors are getting £1 each as this is how the CAB have worked it out and if she looks at the financial statement in front of her she will see that and how it is all broken down (silly mare :mad: )


    She went very quiet and did not seem to know what to say at this point. She said she would put it all in writing and I told her we would respond accordingly.


    If they go for a charging order, can we have our say in court and prove the situation we are in??? Will it cost them to take us to court? Surely they are not so stupid that they can't see the genuine situation we are in and they can't get blood from a stone???


    Do you think this is just scare tactics???


    Spiritgirl x

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