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  1. Do not engage in any telephone conversations with LINK Financial. Bar the number if necessary. Only communicate in writing. If you are already paying them what you can afford then continue to do so and ignore their threats!! They will give up as there is nothing they can do if you have acknowledged the debt.
  2. Link Financial are scaremongers, they have tried it with me so many times and failed!! Always communicate with them in writing never via telephone, as long as you are paying them what you can afford don't worry. If they pressure you to pay more than you can afford or to increase your payments just ignore them, I have, if they persist send a letter of complaint to the Office of Fair Trading (OFT). Hope this helps, I hate this company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. This is just scare tactics, this company is notorious for it. Take no notice of them, they have bought your debt, as long as you are paying them what you can afford, they cannot take you to court.
  4. Hi, don't worry about this company they have been hassling me for years and got nowhere. Make sure you reply to them and tell them that you will report them to the Office of Fair Trading as they are harassing you and this goes against the OFT's regulations on debt collection. Just make sure you keep paying them the agreed amount, don't increase it! And under no circumstances get into a conversation with them on the telephone. Tell them you will only communicate with them by mail, that way you have everything in writing. I hope this helps, it worked for me. If you need any further help pop into your local Citizens Advice Centre. Regards
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