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  1. No I dont sell it. I'm just amazed that no one seems to know about it and so few call centres use it.
  2. Sounds like there is no reason not to walk away from this one
  3. Presumably the bailiffs are enforcing a court order. Sounds like you need to go back to the court if the bailiffs are being difficult.
  4. Yes the problem is that the term 'CCJ' has become synonymous with a bad credit rating. A county court judgement just means that you lost the case. It is only if you dont pay it within the time defined by the court (usually 28 days) that it will appear on the register that others will be able to check.
  5. So what is a parachute account - the link in the original post points to another thread not the normal popup explanation.
  6. Shouldn't be too hard to find out whether it is her land or not. Costs can be awarded against the losing party if it goes to court. If it is her land I'd stop parking there. If it is yours then what can she do ?
  7. If it was on the stopcock it must be the water company's responsibility - did you manage to get them to accept liability ?
  8. But in the meantime could someone not tell us what the thread was about. Not even in the most general non-libellious terms ?
  9. Talk to the Office of Fair Trading. They can give you good advice and if they get too many complaints about one company they will investigate themselves
  10. Doing a credit check is a cheap and easy way to find out whether a company has taken any steps to recover this type of debt. I know of people who 'handed their keys back' in the previous housing market tumble. None of them ever got chased once the property was sold. Given Northern Rock's dubious mortgage policies back then I think it highly unlikely they would ever do anything. I'd leave well alone...
  11. A lot of companies try this one on. Talk to the Office of Fair Trading. I have found them really useful.
  12. The terms of the charge should be explicit. If it is payable on sale of the house and the house isn't sold then its unlikely to force the sale. On the other hand a person's debts are usually paid by the estate before it is split up between those inheriting. Check with the executors.
  13. If you were injured in the course of your job then you can claim compensation from your employer (who will of course have insurance to cover it).
  14. I don't think that he can successfully take you to court if you deduct the loss of value. The important thing is to stay on the right side of Amazon's policies. Make sure that you get the information from them in writing. On a slight side issue the term 'as new' doesn't necessarily mean that it is brand new with all the ties etc. As long as you state in your next ad that it has been opened but is unused you probably won't lose much if any value.
  15. While it may be a matter of principle it isn't worth chasing from a purely financial perspective. Sigh n put it down to experience...
  16. I would speak to the OFT and the Financial Ombudsman. Basically companies like HSBC sell their 'bad' debts to companies like this that have no interest in customer relations and little regard for the legalities of hassling the original company's customers. Keep a record of all calls, there have been successful prosecutions of these collection agencies.
  17. Just cos she's female doesnt mean you'd be treated any differently than housewives are nowadays - half the assets are yours. Get some divorce advice. Stay put until you've got a legally binding agreement in force.
  18. One strategy for dealing with queueing at call centres is to ask them why they don't have software to eliminate it. If we keep pestering them, and opting for companies that do have customer friendly queues sitting around on hold may become a thing of the past. Orderly Software have a system that tells the customer when to call back and reserves a slot at the front of the queue for them when they next call in. Next time you get answered having been on hold ask the agent why they dont have OrderlyQ (or some similar piece of software)
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