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  1. Bladebone, Last reply then I can post myself. I would like to actual email privately with you about my own case and see if there is a global class action form with which to file. WBEpower
  2. Hi again (4 out of 5) I am a commercial property owner who is in the states. Citizens/RBS mis-sold me an interest rate swap and then even refused to give me a market quote when I was ahead and tried to get out. Lately they gave me a quote and then when I asked the differential between a firm I had hired to value it, the rescinded the quote and said thay had mistaken me for a loan with the seond largest REIT in the United States (BRT), who doesn't even have a loan with the bank, and whose portfolio probably average $25,000,00iti0 size per loan. I could go on and on, but they a purposefully tryi
  3. Hi again, the site will not let me post until I have commented 5 times so I am doing that! I am very interested in a class action type of status and the reent court case against Deutsch Bank in favor of a small business loan. WBEpower
  4. WBEpowet- Sorry about the typos in my earlier message. I am from the US and interms of getting the tape good luck. I would like to know if RBS gives them to you pre complaint entry. If you read the RBS annual in the mid 250-280 page area I think you may get some good information in terms of the actual value (asset or liability) the bank is books these prison like structures. Like many on this post neither myself nor my attorney werew given anything befor ethe close and I actually turned down a committment from a subsidiary of RBS (Greenwicg Capital) on better terms because I made very clear th
  5. Hi from the United States. I am a minority (Woman Owned Business) who has a fully paying commercial loan fro RBS/Citizens with an mis-sold interest rate swap which was fruadulently conveyed onto my company by the bank. I was given with my attorney a complete swap breakage fee waiver in late summer 10, with the agreement that I would pay off the loan at sometime in full, this was done with an attorney, and then suddenly RBS moved me to "work out" and is now trying claim they never engotiated this with my company, lawyer and me. I have had to hire another attorney to litigate, so for 4 years I h
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