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  1. Merry Christmas to all. Just thought I would update debt has been sold since now with Robinson Way by my calculations it is statue barred this spring (April).... Robinson way have contacted me...like twice - three times a year..always very polite .... but I have never responded letter today usual ''please get in touch''.....''we can't set up a payment plan for you as unfortunately we haven't heard from you'' will continue to ignore as there are unlawful charges on this debt which B/C refused to acknowledge and have never produced a signed credit agreement anyway I thought I would update and wish you all a merry Christmas Jo xxx
  2. Thanks DX for your time and help :] x
  3. Ahh had a look at #115 its referring to a loan? My case was just a packaged account fee for my current account back in 1999 Barclays additions i was paying £12.00 a month for it in 2004 but they have admitted I had the Additions back in1999 but I don't know what I paid as a monthly fee Ill have a good read later when this pile of statements is off my lap and a glass of vino in my hand (y)
  4. It's just a letter ( delaying tactic after 4 months ) saying they need more info which package am I complaining about? - well actually its all of the packages on the same account that were slipped onto it - from 1999 I can see how much I was paying from 2004 but no statements going back to 1999 funny I been opening statements from my hoard of unopened mail going back 11 years sticking head into sand used to be a pastime :[ cheers dx xx
  5. ok :] thanks for the links I'll have a gander in a bit :] have noticed them slyly raising the additions plus price from £13.00 per month to £14.50 Nov 2006 all I ever needed was an overdraft grrrr x
  6. Hi DX yeahhhh going back through statements now but they didn't send me from 1999 only starts 2004 :[ jo x
  7. Hi Y'all and Happy Easter I was wondering if anyone would be able to offer me advise regarding my claim with Barclays over mis-sold package account? I have had an acknowledgement saying that i had an ADDITIONS account in 1999, but i have no statements going back that far, only from 2004 when it was upgraded to an ADDITIONS PLUS. Does anyone know how much I would have paid in fees per month, back in 1999, for a Barclays ADDITIONS account? They are taking forever on this, I first complained in December '14 and have only just had acknowledgment wanting more info - I had an ADDITIONS in 1999 which was upgraded in 2004 to ADDITIONS PLUS and in 2011 to CURRENT ACCOUNT PLUS ( I left in 2012 as I was having problems with them raiding my mortgage account to pay my barclaycard) But as I have no statements from 1999 I don't know how much I was paying for the account Jo x Thanks to anyone who knows and can help
  8. morning theoldrouge uhuh = yup that is correct - the card was dormant though, throughout the 90's, I resurrected it for a trip to aussie in 1997 with a credit limit of £500. it wasn't until i became a single mother that they started upping the limit first to £3500 then to £5000 could never understand how i qualified for that amount of credit working 16 hours a week have a great weekend and thanks for your time x
  9. good day slick thanks for dropping by charges on the account remain small at £600 and no ppi I sent the reclaim letter last autumn and got this response received 9 October "they have to inform me that any charges incurred were made correctly and in accordance with our terms and conditions that customers agree to when they take out one of our credit cards. On this basis i must inform you that i cannot uphold your complaint" page 5 thread 99 shows a breakdown of my case i am happy to 'sit it out' as you guys advised back in the summer and deal with anything substantial when they throw it at me. the unexpected cca duplicate in the post wanting my signature threw me off guard i guess i shall await their next move cheers for your time guys xxx
  10. thanks theoldrouge ok heres another go - sorry guys x
  11. arghh you have better eyes than i do lol will re- do with apologies x
  12. i hope that works, had 9 pages to do = they are all the same that i received in june 2012, except the covering letter x
  14. oh by the way the T&C's are so small that i can barely read them
  15. lol willy waving ok i shall have a go at the uploads - please bear with me and thanks for your time, dx
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