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  1. Well After an offer and an exchanged of letters with Mr Udy last week, we still appear to be no nearer resolution so I have just filed my moneyclaim.
  2. Subject Access Request Dear Sir/Madam Registration Numbers XXXXXX Registered Keeper Beboii Previous address anytown anyplace anywhere Please supply me with a complete list of penalty charge notices, notices to owner and transactions relating to them issued to me by yourselves or your subcontractors and/or their representatives. I would also be grateful if you could provide me with a list of payments and correspondence relating to my parking history with yo
  3. thanks for that I am just sorting out the SARs now, i'll let you know how it goes.
  4. Well I found a council document on the web that was presented to commitee early this year that assesses whether their tickets were compliant with the act or not. They thought probably not. I would have thought a data protection act request will turn up the PCN numbers and ammounts paid. I will keep you posted B
  5. but if the ticket was not issued legally does that not mean the fine has been illegally demanded. I mean the logic with doesn't work with bank charges does it. Just because you paid them that doesn't mean that the act of paying means that you accept their validity. Parking enforcement gives a very limited range of options for appeal and the doubling of the amount after 14 days dragoons people into stumping up. The parking authorities are charged with enforcing parking regulations within the letter of the law, when they fail to do so surely they no longer have the right to kee
  6. Having read the Barnett Judgement and had a search on the net it looks like my old authorities tickets may have been incorrectly issued. ie non compliant. I wonder has anyone had any success yet in reclaiming their fines. I'm planning to go the SAR route for old addresses and registrations, but I'd be interested in any experiences that people could share particularly with potential defences on the part of the authority. I look forward to hearing from you
  7. We have a winner ladies and gentlemen... Donation Made. Could you change the thread head please.
  8. I think that the argument would be along the lines that whilst you agreed to charges by signing the T&C you believed the contractual terms would be in accordance with the law. Not only are they are illegal but the company also misrepresented its charges to you. Furthermore I believe the OFT said the maximum charge ammount should be £12.00 but not that was a fair ammount. If I were you I would accept the ammount offered as a partial refund but push on to have the remainder settled. Remember they do not want to go to court what ever they may say to the contrary!! (tho' I'm no
  9. Ah I have just had that letter too, .... you signed the agreement when you opened the accounts but goodwill and all that mean we will make a refund of 40%. We shall see
  10. well after my mess up with filling in the papers (thank you fivelaws for your advice) they sent a partial offer which I rejected. Today I recieved an offer of the full ammount ---- now how good does that feel. Soon as the money comes in a donation is a coming. The site has been invaluable in both information and support and I could not have done it without your help. For anyone thinking about it... should I ... shouldn't I .... course you should
  11. Finally had a response,, .... its going to take four weeks to look at it... maybe a bit longer...... we will get back to you. Soon, Promise!! I have sent the letter before action.
  12. they acknowledged the claim on the 18th August, unfortunately I like a donut claimed the wrong ammount (included the interest in the particulars of claim but not the total ammount claimed) and have had to ammend the claim using an N244 filed online. Does anyone have any idea how long that application might take to be heard and what do people think will happen now that first direct have acknowledged?
  13. finally my statements turned up, though not before one of their telephone elves tried to question the basis of my SAR and browbeat me by offering to put me through to legal. Thanks to the info posted here I very politely snapped him across my knee.... Anyway it all comes to about £500 so i've sent a request for repayment recorded delivery today. Lets see what happens B
  14. well they wrote back ... sorry mr beboii there nothing further we can do for you... though our offer still stands,..... so I'm filing the money claim right now
  15. Tis true - Given the experience of other posters on here I may start calling on a daily basis!
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