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  1. Well you could be right too because i did get a charge back 6 years later thats the thing despite what i have read. It hasnt gone through though still fighting it.
  2. Whats the average length off time the banks give you, to do a charge back. Im guessing will all be different but i would just like to know some average lengths So if you are with any banks and you know the length please share. Ive heard anything from a few months for debit cards upto like a year for credit cards. thanks.
  3. If i can remember correctly when i done it before with a different company to get a wire payment i was asked for the following details IBAN BIC/SWIFT Bank Name Bank Address I wasnt even asked for name on account, so question i want to ask is name on account actually really needed from a wire from USA to my UK bank account if this is not right. what is the correct details i would need to give them or should give them. thanks
  4. Hi slick132 thanks for reply my post actually went into pending mode it said had to be approved first so i was just checking it every now and again when it got posted. Yeah bookmarking my thread will update if i cancel ok or if i in deed continue i actually just need to cancel membership for one person as im paying for 6 people, so i hope they cancel one and not all lol.
  5. HI can anyone tell me how i go about cancelling bannatynes membership. who do i email or write to, i was given an email address which is for my gym, or they said i could either write a letter and bring it to them, i thought maybe i had to write to head office or email head office. Dont really trust those workers at the gym might not do what they say they will. Or am i doomed and have to go through the gym im joined too. Im aware of the 9 month thing and will have to still pay for another 3 months and by reading some posts. I actually wanna get the letter in before the end of the 9 month cause i read a post where he was told he didnt give them a full 30 days notice, some weird thing like that.
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