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  1. Okay so i was looking through all my old paperwork in order to cobble something together for a defence and i came across several reminders from council asking me to 'sign the lease' from recollection i dont think i ever did sign a lease with them. Does this change anything? If so could i possible get the ccj removed completely?
  2. Thank you for the replies, i appreciate them. I can confirm the ccj was for rent. There is some additional information but i doubt it will make a difference. The original ccj correspondence was sent to the 'last known address' and not to where i was living at the time. I understand from a search on the forums here that i would be unable to have the ccj set aside due to the likelihood of it succeeding. Which obviously it would there is no doubt i owe the money. But, as i didnt receive the judgment and was unaware of it (i realised when i did an experian search on myself) is ther
  3. Hi, I hope someone can help. I have recieved notification for a hearing for a charging order against my property for a ccj of 15k. In all honesty i buried my head in the sand regarding the ccj as it was at the height of the credit crunch and my business (sole trader) failed. I losy my livelihood and was in debt. Anyway a year after the ccj a hearing for a charging order is going ahead. I am in a slightly better position now. In that i have managed to find a job for which i earn approximately £800 per month. I do own 2 properties one of which is where they are attempting to pu
  4. there is a mention of costs on the back of the claim form but i assumed this was laid out on page 1 £35 + £50. If they were going to add £140 i could've made an informed decision to not bother to defend myself and pay the full amount at the beginning of all this. hxxp://i42.tinypic.com/24pmn4g.jpg hxxp://i40.tinypic.com/4ujgap.jpg hxxp://i39.tinypic.com/sg7ksl.jpg h t t p edited as i can post live links.
  5. No. I dont have an issue with NCP with 'pcn' was fair. However, its the extra costs that have been added which perplex me. i will upload some of the docs later.
  6. I sent NCP a cheque for a parking ticket. Which they never banked, but i never checked that they had or not. Some time later they begin, through a solicitor a claim through the county courts for the said amount £185 (£5 interest) plus £90 fees/charges etc. (total:£270) back in November. I filled out the neccassary paperwork making a part admission that i owed £180 as according to my bank statements the cheque i sent them was not banked. However, i submitted a defence that i was disputing the additonal charges based on the fact that i had sent them a cheque. The reply came back this m
  7. Hi, No it was rent for a works unit which the council owned.
  8. I have just been made aware of a ccj against me from my former local council. I have been and am still abroad with no definite timeline for a return to the uk. However, i have received this ccj and am worried that they will then put a charging order against the flat that i own back in the UK. Is there any way of fighting this? I appreciate that i am not in th UK but i do not believe i owe any money as all outstnading monies were paid and my possessions (along with receipts to prove this) are in storage in the UK. I have the only access key to the storage place and also i had so much p
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