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  1. On 27th September 2016 I bought an Innovate mtxl wideband for £162.50 (sensor amd sensor control unit for my car). This was installed by a professional mechanic on 10th October 2016. On 11th November 2016, less than 1000 miles later, the sensor failed. I contacted the company I bought it from requesting a refund but they would only offer a replacement sensor which I eventually accepted. The replacement was fitted on 21st April 2017 (the car was in stotage over winter), the replacement sensor then failed on the 26th April 2017 with the exact same error code (E8) ag
  2. I recently had an accident where the at fault party left the scene and with the police being as uninterested as usual I was left with the loss of no claims and excess to pay... I decided to send my car to a specialist in my make/model since he was quoting very low for the work having all the parts lying round the stock room and all, this is the garage my car always goes to. I informed aviva of this and was informed I'd have to pay an extra £200 excess for an unapproved repairer, fair enough I thought and informed them I still wanted to use my repairer. They sent out an enginee
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