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  1. Spoke too soon Just leaving work and they phoned again ... I went through the whole thing again ... apparently they cant deal with me in writing and they have to speak to me on the phone ... I got a little angry but tried to stay calm ... God they are awful ... Never again will i take out a payday loan ...
  2. UPDATE ... After numerous calls on Friday and then again on Saturday (but only until lunchtime) I answered one call on Sat and repeated current situation and told them all correspondance in writing again. They said they had not received my e-mails and gave me another address to which i forwarded all my previous e-mails ... Heard nothing on Sunday but the calls started again this morning ... However last call was at 10:15 and nothing since!!! Maybe my 15 e-mails have done the trick
  3. Well today was PDL repayment day ... if feels good to be in total control of my wages today So far not been too bad ... Wonga - not due for payment until 6th Aug but have e-mailed them anyway to advise of situation, they replied asking me to get Payplan to contact them Quick Quid - several e-mails back and forth over the last couple of days, they have e-mailed Payplan direct requesting confirmation of my DMP with them PayDayUK - have agreed to suspend any action on account for 30 days in order for Payplan to get in touch WageDayAdvance - have received one e-mail and 2 txts but
  4. Had a response from Quick Quid this morning asking for my case officers name and telephone number ... I assume its ok to give them this information???
  5. I have e-mailed them today ... Thought it was the best thing to do ...
  6. Thank you all for your replies ... and thank you PDLVictim for the e-mail addresses I am today cancelling all DDs and closing my bank account ... just waiting for the phone calls to start on Friday when all my payments are due I have to admit I am scared
  7. Hello I have gotten into a bit of a mess with these Payday Loans ... I have five, all of which I am not going to be able to pay on Friday ... Following advice on this site I have already set up my new bank account and transferred all my DDs (except the PDL ones) ... tomorrow I am closing my old bank account (just to make sure they cant take me overdrawn), changed my bank details with work for my salary and contacted HMRC for my child benefit ... I have also contacted Payplan and done my budget with them and they are going to set up a DMP for me (I have older debts which I am still p
  8. I am planning on speaking to CCCS on Monday to see if they can help me with this or if I have to fight this one by myself ... which I am prepared to do ... Might need some help tho???
  9. That is a good idea ... I will get that sent out recorded delivery on Monday. They make me so angry ... I had to put up with their demanding letters, harrassing telephone calls & even one of their monkeys calling me a liar .... and they have the nerve to charge me for the privalige!!!!
  10. I understand your point here and would love to tell them this ... however my DMP is with the CCCS and they take my payments on 1st of month and dont dish it out till 25th (one of the conditions I signed agreement to) ... I dont want reliable taking further action against me as they wont receive their 1st agreed payment until 25th July and they are saying they want it by 29th June?!? It looks like they have stopped the interest and late/missed payment charges so that is a bonus but what if they start adding these back on as they havent received payment when they want it ... Should I
  11. Morning all I have recently set up a DMP with CCCS and its been ok so far ... phone calls and letters have decreased ... phone calls stopped altogether alongside the autoreject option on my phone for the more persitant offenders ... Anyway I have started to receive the letters from Creditors/DCA's acknowledging they have accepted the DMP which is good ... however ... I have just now opened a statement from Shoe Tailor/Reliable Collections and on this statement is my balance from last month, my token payment that I agreed to keep paying until my DMP with CCCS commenced and then there
  12. I had another call today from cap 1 ... I tried to explain how I could not meet my repayments but the man was so very rude and agressive and told me that if I did not send them a payment immediately they would be taking me to court ... what he didnt know is that I have been scouring this website for the last week and have learnt a thing or two!!! I told him that I was recording the telephone call we were having (not true but he didnt know this) and if he threatened me again I would report him ... he never interrupted me after that whilst I finally got my chance to explain th
  13. Well so far they have been most helpful and your comments have helped stop me worrying wether I am doing the right thing ... Sent all the required info off to them today so hopefully the phone calls will stop soon ... dont know how much more I can take of Vanquis & Capital One
  14. Hello All New on here ... been nosing around for a while but never had the courage to post ... I have recently contacted the CCCS after trying to set up my own debt management plan ... I have 12 creditors and owe just under £7,000 ... had no success negotiating on my own with Capital One, JD Williams & Vanquis ... the constant phone calls, letters and general harrassment almost drove me insane and I cannot take it anymore ... Anyway back to my original question ... I have been reading on here and some people seem to have a very poor opinion of the CCCS ... have I done the wr
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