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  1. How can I get any letter of the card provider, it was a stolen card? I have no idea who's it was or where it came from. Also, how would a confession not prove that? Surely if the phone log or what ever information they must keep is not me and it tally's up with his admission of guilt then that must be case closed.
  2. Well the evidence is that my brother is willing to confess to doing it. If they look at the details relating to the call or payment it won’t be me, if they look at the number that called them it won’t be mine.
  3. The gas and electric were metered and I was paying the Sky via direct debit. One month he said he’d cover the Sky bill, I had no idea he was going to ring up and use a stolen card. Obviously being my brother I had no idea he would do such a thing. I understand the reasons behind Sky registering it but the 18 months to prove my innocence and not one of these companies looking into or using the evidence at hand is my issue.
  4. Hi Everyone, I am seeking legal help or guidance here as I am at my wits end with any Ombudsman, Sky and CIFAS. Over a year ago I applied for a Santander personal account as I had an existing business account with them, to my surprise they turned me down so I contacted them and they could not provide me with the exact reason why. I was also contacted by Santander who then stated that they had to remove my name from our Ltd company bank account. I dug into this and eventually the bank manager found out that a fraud mark had been registered against me and that was against they're
  5. I have emailed this and will send the same by mail tomorrow. To whom it may concern, A letter was posted to xxxxxxx noting that control has been taken of the vehicle that was parked on the driveway at 10:15 26/01/16. I feel I should inform you that this vehicle was purchased and paid for by Mrs D xxx and is now owned, driven and insured by my partner which is why it was on the driveway on that given day. I myself do not drive at present and have not done so since July 2015. I can of course provide proof/evidence of everything listed above. That being the case I insist that
  6. I did lose my licence unfortunately, part of the reason I'm in such a mess financially. If I contact them with that information will that stand? Thanks
  7. It's a 2003 BMW convertible, it's not actually worth a great deal anymore. My saving grace may be that although the log book is in my name, when I bought it my mother took out the finance for me!? It's paid off now. Should I lead with this or send the log book off and back date it to December with my girlfriends name on? She insures it and uses it and I havnt had a driving licence since last July so there's not a lot to question really.
  8. Hi Guys, I've been reading through this part of the forum and it looks like I'm in the right place. I've had numerous letters from various bailiffs about some large council tax arrears I have unfortunately accrued over the years. Unfortunately I have not always been a high earner since my business folded back in 2008 when all this began. Last week these guys turned up and I greeted them and they demanded over £4000, I told them I had been in contact with the council and would deal with them, they threatened me with sending it for committal (if that's the correct phrase) because
  9. Swift are chasing me for almost £400, I received a fine for a tyre below the legal requirement last year and paid it via an automated service. The payment was a little late as I remember, but the system accepted it and took my money. I have proved this to swift but they say I must contact the client and prove it to them so they can look into the matter. I tried via the number they gave me and they said they couldn't help. What can I do?!!
  10. I've had swift credit services hounding me for a fine I received last year for having a tyre below the legal limit, I paid the fine via an automated service I think it was a month late but the payment was accepted and processed. I called Swift the first time they sent me a letter and gave them the authorisation code to say it had been paid and accepted, a week ago they turned up with a van, I contacted the office explaining I had paid it and sent them a copy of my bank statement as proof as they requested. They then said I had to contact a number to give their client
  11. Don't worry followed linky! Thanks for that I'll get on the case immediately and keep this updated!
  12. No, i've not got the complete list of charges only the most recent ones. Grant
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