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  1. i wrote my car off in an accident on 14th feb i admitted fault but insurance keep saying they are waiting for a police report before they pay out. I am still paying finance on the car and monthly insurance installments. how can i get them to speed things along everytime i phone i get a different story.
  2. my ex is currently living in my house he has put a restriction on the land registry preventing the sale of the house. He forged my signature to get the mortgage on interest only at the moment we are just going backwards and forwards through solicitors and all he is trying to do is prevent the sale of the house. He has changed the locks and the sale is about to fall through i am at my wits end as to what to do. He is not on the mortgage or the deeds, if anyone can give me any advice please post.
  3. my car was stolen and involved in an accident with a parked car there was minor damage to my car but the police had it towed away for fingerprinting when i went to collect the car it cost me £225 which the pound said i could recover from the police as they had changed there mind and not touched the car i have written to the police regarding this matter and have received a response stating it is common practice to recover all cars involved in incidents. my car was found on the next road to mine and was not parked illegally so therefore i could have driven it home myself please can anyone advise
  4. DFS suite problem :- gone down the route of consumer direct, trading standards, independant furniture report and furniture ombudsman. Ombudsman now awards me a replacement suite to the value of £1950 after visiting dfs today i am unhappy that i have to pick a replacement suite from a company in which i have no confidence, it has taken me 18 months to get to this stage. Does anybody know if i am entitled to a full refund, as i feel dfs policy is to just to do repair after repair.
  5. new to this site have posted a reply but not sure if you got it
  6. i have been through hell with this company, firstly point blank refuse the repair because this is where the trouble starts once you accept repair your on the same rocky road i went down. its taken me 14 months to get mine sorted been to consumer direct, trading standards paid for an independant furniture report then went to furniture ombudsman this week they have ruled that i should receive a replacement suite and the old one be taken away at my convenience. I have so little faith in this company now i'm not sure where i go from here because i dont want another suite from them hence me just jo
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