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  1. If they are all FPNs you should pay them as you don't appear to have an iron clad defence, you could try writing a nice letter to the police to appeal to their good nature, but going to a magistrate with this could increase your costs hugely, each FPN is treated as a seperate issue I believe. Unless someone here can offer any other points , and I would wait for someone else to post on here in regards to this, I hope they can come up with an alternative.
  2. Are you sure they are all FPNs? (first one by police probably is) Because to appeal them you go to the magistrates court normally, if they are PCNs you appeal through the council and adjudicator, most people on pepipoo and MSE advise paying an FPN to be honest, unless you have an iron clad defence.
  3. Hi There, Just popped along from MSE to give a link to all three videos from watchdog, uploaded the last two onto youtube, to go with the one already there. ------------------------------------------ The First Watchdog video - dated May 2010 youtube.com/watch?v=XAIcdi9niHA ------------------------------------------ The Second Watchdog video - dated October 2010 youtube.com/watch?v=ZdIB4BqOTlk ------------------------------------------ The Third Watchdog video - dated April 2011 youtube.com/watch?v=tlPjpW_6pGc ------------------------------------------ Hope it helps some peeps here, sorry can't post links directly as I just joined today.
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