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  1. Hello, I opened an account with Vanquis in 2009 after two years I was unable to make payments, moved around for a bit and completely forgot about the debt. For the last 3 years I have started to receive letter from Cabot saying that Vanquis passed my account to them. I checked my credit score today and it says that I have a default account with Cabot that Opened in 2011. Is it possible to claim PPI from this account, even if I don't have any documents of the credit card? Thank you in advance
  2. I Think i might just email them. I can still have a proof that i contact them by printing the email. Im just scared that ill open my door by mistake if they send a door step collector!
  3. Yeah thats true. I will send them a letter then. Would you suggest to send the " letter when the account has been passed to another debt collection agency" or " General debt letter - when you know nothing about the debt" ? Regards
  4. Thanks for the help guys! ill use the template, to send ScotCall an email and see what they say (if they even reply)
  5. Hello all, i hope i get some help because im going nuts!!! So two years ago, on the previous flat i was renting i had british gas & Electricity. When i moved out i missed "Apparently" few payments. since Last year i been receiving calls from Wescot Credit services to pay the debt. I chose to ignore them because i remember not having any debt. Then i received a letter from a solicitors office sayin that wescot is willing to consider realistic options for repayment based on my personal circumstances. I emailed them, asking for the bill that states my name, my flat the bil
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