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  1. The payment arrangement was made on the phone.
  2. My credit limit when I asked for the account to be closed was £2000
  3. Hi Wonder if anyone can advise me on how I stand with the following situation. In 2006 I took a Vanquis Visa card in June 2009 I owed them £1952.24 and my payments were £89.00 per month. In June 2009 I got into some financial difficulty and spoke to Vanquis asking them to cancel the card and that I could not afford the £89.00 per month and that I could afford £43.00 per month. They agreed and the card was cancelled and I was told that no more interest would be applied to the account. I paid the £43.00 for 3 months when Vanquis informed me that £43.00 was not enough and I now owed them £2217.45. I wrote to them insisting that until they removed the interest charges I would not make any payments until the amount owed was the agreed £1952.24 less 3 payments of £43.00. I did not get any reply from Vanquis except for monthly statements and each month more interest was added. In feb 2010 I received a letter from a collection service called Impact asking for £2350.52 I wrote to impact telling them I was in dispute with Vanquis over the amount owed. I did not get any reply from Impact and my last statement from Vanquis is dated July 2010 stating I owe £3015.09. Since this statement I have had no correspondence either written or by phone from Vanquis until yesterday When I received a letter asking for payment of £2355.00 as a early settlement payment. In the same post I got a letter from a company called Lewis Debt recovery asking for the full £3015.09. I think this Lewis Debt recovery have been telephoning me for about a week but because I will not confirm my postcode, date of birth and inside leg measurements they will not tell me who they are. My question is can Vanquis have no contact with me for 3 years and then out of the blue demand payment. What can/should I do? I hope all of the above is clear and your help and guidance is appreciated
  4. I have a long standing agreement with a company called Rockwell over a credit card debt to HSBC. I have made every agreed payment which is only £1.00 per month. This agreement has been periodically reviewed and as my circumstances have not changed the agreed payments have continued. In the last three weeks I have received a letter every day (except Sunday) from them requesting a financial statement these letters have become more and more threatening with legal costs, court etc etc. I remember reading on this site a while ago that a financial statement can only be requested by a court. Is this correct? I have told Rockwell that my circumstances have not changed but they are not having any of it. Many Thanks in advance
  5. Thank you for your advise. I have been going through all the paperwork I have from various DCA's regarding these two debts. Companies such as Metropolitan Collection Services, Wescot Credit Services, Nelson Guest Solicitors and Rockwell. The debts originate from an Midland Bank/HSBC credit card last used in 2001 and Midland Bank/HSBC overdraft also from 2001. I have been trying to pay these debts off over the last 10 years but it has been a struggle. I am now paying Rockwell £5.00 per month on each debt by standing order. The last statement from Rockwell in October 2010 showed £1664.81 and £2607.73 owed. I have for the last two years not missed a payment. Rockwell are now asking for a Financial statement and have told me £5.00 per month is not enough. Which they seem to do every six months. My circumstances have not changed if anything they are worse with fuel prices rising etc and not having a pay rise for the last 4 years. To be perfectly honest I was the ideal customer for these companies I hated being in debt and having been trying to start a fresh after a bad marriage and an even worse divorce I have in the past done my best to appease these people that was until I discovered this wonderful site and have discovered many many people in the same boat as myself getting bullied by these companies. Reading the stories of other peoples dealing with these companies and how they stand up to them have inspired me and I now have the confidence to confront these people and say enough is enough this is what I can afford and like it or lump it. These debts are mine and I am responsible for them and I will pay them off the best I can. But looking through the paper work I have I am sure I am being done. Am I within my right to ask for all documentation Rockwell have regarding these debts to be given to me as I am sure payments made to other companies have not been taken into account. What do I ask them for? Do they have to supply the information? What do I do if they don't? As always thank you for your advise and your inspiration
  6. Thank you for your advise, I will put some details of the debt to Rockwell later when I get home from work.
  7. I have been asked to complete a financial statement by Rockwell as my "agreed" payment terms are up for review. Although my circumstances have not changed I am told I still need to complete one. My question is (and I have searched these page for the answer) How much is acceptable to put down for such things as Food and Housekeeping? I am a single person and not the greatest shopper in the world and not really sure how much I spend in a month on food or clothing it's more a case of buy when needed. There must be some acceptable sum for a single person anybody have any ideas or able to point me in the right direction. Many Thanks
  8. I ignored this letter, but today received a telephone call. I was asked to confirm my information "for security" I refused to confirm the first line of my address, Postcode and date of birth, Stating that I had never heard of Aktiv Kapital. I was then informed that I had made things "significantly worse for myself" by not answering there security questions at this point I politely informed the caller to go forth and multiply and hung up. I know offering information to an unknown caller as to how to make a family is wrong, But I am in the right not to divulge information such as my address, postcode and date of birth. Many Thanks
  9. Your advise would be greatly appreciated. I received a letter today from a company called Aktiv Kapital claiming I owed monies to GE Capital (First National Tricity Finance Limited) and they were seeking payment in full of the debt. I have never heard of any of the companies mentioned. What should I do first. I have resisted ringing them to find out what it's all about having read many posts on here saying do not ring debt companies. The letter stated that they were provided with my address through public databases. Is this correct? Thank you in advance
  10. Hello, I am very new here and I am hoping for a little advice with dealing with the aggressive threatening tactics of a company named Rockwell Debt Collection Agency. A little history first My debt relates to a HSBC Mastercard which due to divorce and other personnel circumstances I ran into arrears in 2001 leaving a debt of approx £3700.00. After sorting myself out and moving from London back to the north west I agreed payments firstly to a company called Metropolitan Collection services and another called Westcott Credit Services. I made regular payments. In November 2007 I received a letter from HSBC informing me that the debt was assigned to Phoenix Recoveries (UK) Limited who had appointed Rockwell Collection Agency. The debt at this time was £3057.00. I agreed payments to Rockwell and after a change of job I agreed a different amount to pay this I have paid since Feb 2009 without missing a single payment. I have in the last month had repeated phone calls from Rockwell the earliest call on a Saturday morning before 8am the latest after 8pm. They are insisting that my payments are not enough and that they need to be increased fourfold. I have explained that my circumstances have not changed since we agreed the amount I am paying if anything my circumstances are worse. I have now sent 2 Financial statements which Rockwell say they have not received. I have asked if I can do it by email and they have failed to email me the form. There phone calls are becoming more and more threatening a call yesterday at 08:05 am answered by my partner who was told I was in serious trouble if I did not ring the number given. People have told me I should just pay £1.00 per month and there is nothing Rockwell can do to me.Is this correct? Any advice would be much appreciated.
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