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  1. Well my offer was posted back yesterday with the "full and final" bit corssed out and replaced with part. Also a little note along the lines of Thank you for you offer of £1995 which i will except as part settlement in this matter but I will be continuing to persue HSBC for the amount of £2485.79 not £2338 as stated in you letter. Please note that by now you should have received my letter requesting full payment within 14 days other wise further recovery action will be taken. The 14 days will expire on the 29th July. I hope we can resolve this matter before the time lapes. regards me
  2. It was from Colin Langdale
  3. Having just had another look at my offer letter it says that i was requesting a refund of £2338 but my original letter was for £2485.79. (the charges alone were £2400) Has anyone else notice a difference between what they originally asked for and what the bank claim you requested? I was going to except the offer but not im gonna persue them all the way
  4. ok thanks for your help, was hoping i could get the £1995 then whats remaining later. But generally I want all my money back not just some
  5. do you know of anyone thats done this and not had their money (only asking as extremely skint at the mo)
  6. Help needed, I've got my offer of £1995 (original claim was £2489) now do i a) send the form back excepting the offer but crossing out the "full and final settlement" bit and writing "part" instead. and continue my claim for the full amount. b) ignore the offer and continue with my claim. c) except the offer Also roughly how long does it take to get the money, the letter say 7 working days, is it really that long
  7. Have you had an offer yet? mine was aparently sent out yesterday (have checked the post yet)
  8. I know, patients wasn't one of my better virtues:D
  9. There should be one waiting at home for me when I get in tonight, but wont get home till 7
  10. am i right in thinking that I can except the offer but still chase any balance remaining?
  11. dont give then any extra time, 14 days were set out in your original letter so stick to that, then start your claim, they've aknowledged that they have your letter so they are the ones in the wrong
  12. Yeah my LBA went out earlier
  13. Tell them that you will except that payment as a part payment but will be persuing the balance, you are intitled to the full whack!
  14. I didnt edit quick enough lol. Dont panic I sent mine to Mr Pretty as well! and there's apparently an offer in the post today
  15. did you send the speadsheet with the letter? if not dont worry just sent it with the LBA. or just fill in the interest when sending the LBA and alter the letter so its says your claiming for the interest just so they know. I sent mine to Mr Pretty as well so dont worry too much as i've apparently been sent an offer today
  16. ooooh errr misses just phone HSBC before posting my LBA just out of curiosity as to whether they'd recevied my prelim letter and apparently an offer is in the post today, so will have to wait and see. Wardy phone em and see what they say (usual number and when you need option 8 for customer services and option 2 for complaints) they might have posted you an offer as well
  17. with my interest charges I just put the date they were applied to my account and the amount, no need to work anything out. And apparently Mr Pretty doesnt work for HSBC any more, best person to try is M Bowen at the sheffield address (in the contacts thread)
  18. My LBA is going off today one's going to Mr Bowen and the other ones going to David Lewis head of customer relations I did have my charges in my prelim and also in my LBA (so they've got not excuse!!) fingers crossed we should both hear something soon (by friday would be good)
  19. its is yes, but the 8% part of the spreadsheet doesnt come into use untill/if you have to file a court claim
  20. Right the 14 days are up my LBA is going out tomorrow, has anyone had no response at all to the prelim letter? I know they got it coz I sent it recorded delivery Also should I send my LBA to Alan Pretty?
  21. your lucky my prelim letter has been ignored, 2nd letter off tomorrow
  22. i just entered all the interest charges manually, it took a bit of time but its my money and I want it back!! my 14 days are up tomorrow for 1st request and had no responce so looking forward to sending of my 2nd letter tomorrow
  23. its the 8% that you cant claim just yet, the interest you've been charged by the bank you can claim. The 8% only come into force once court proceeding have begun. What you can claim is everything on your statement with DR next to it, such ats returned direct debits or card misuse, that sort of thing. Although I dont think you can claim for cash machine fees
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