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  1. I took out a loan with Provient last year and was paying it fine until I moved, I notified provident at the time and my mum told the doorstep collector my address on 2 separate occasions, The Provident area manager came to my new address in October of last year to confirm i lived there and told me a new collection agent would be round with a week, I didnt hear anything for a couple of weeks so phoned them 4 times over the course of a month telling them my new address and that i wanted to clear the balance but on one ever came, one thing after another came up and I forgot about the debt until y
  2. Hi dont know if anyone can help, my other half has received a letter from Red asking to pay an outstanding debt to which he has no idea whats its for, he has phoned them today asking for more info but was told by a rude man the he should know what the debt it for and that he had to pay the balance to find out who its for. Obviously hes not going to do this, I thought there use to be a letter on here that could be sent saying that dispute the charges and wanted further info but I can't find it. Any advise would be helpful.
  3. Hi all sorry if its in the wrong place. Basically i took out a loan with Welcome back in Feb since then ive lost a couple of jobs and only made between 2-4 payments, the other day a rather stroppy woman came round from welcome to tell me that I needed to pay £170 (monthly payment) then and there other wise a "fraud alert" would be placed either against my mums house (were i was living at the time i took out the loan) or my landlords house (im now renting) has anyone heard of a "fraud alert" also she told me she could re do my loan cutting the interest so id only have to pay back £78 a mon
  4. just spoken to the evil witch and apparently the fraud thing is because you have to pay 6 months of a loan before you circumstances change, is she telling the truth with this? i've never heard of it before
  5. yeah but if i dont phone her today, shes gonna turn up at my house and charge me £25 for the privilidge
  6. she was saying that because i took out the loan and then lost by job and was unable to make payments its fraud because i took the loan out under false pretences (because i must have known i was going to be sacked) she is a really horrible woman!!
  7. Took out a loan with them back in Feb at the time i was in a good job with a steady income, ive since lost that job and have taken a significant pay cut, i have tried explaining to them whats going on my they dont seen interesting in my situation, they want me to pay £80 a week even though ive explained i can afford it the woman is really rude and is threatening to report em for fraud because i apparently took the loan out under false pretenses. Can someone please help me with this they wont listen the womans rude and they wont help me in any way shape or form, ive got to phone them later
  8. Hi all I won a claim back in July 06 for £2000 of charges, since then I've racked up some more, as i excepted there offer in full and final settlement can i start up a new claim for the charges accrued since they last paid out?
  9. Yeah most were at the court stage, thanks, think i've still got all my letters i previosly sent. Thanks
  10. Hi Everyone I started a few claims back last yeah, but have not followed them up for some months, do i now start the claim prosess again or do I just pick up from where i left off?
  11. Could someone please help me, i need to fill out a court claim for non compliance of my data protection letter, and have no idea what to put as the particulars of the claim and the amount I should charge
  12. ok cheers will keep everyone updated
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