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  1. I'm willing to appear and plead guilty but but I genuinely only just found this letter. Anything at all to advise? Thanks again
  2. Hello thanks for reading, Jan 2012 I had an engine problem (Vauxhall), put the car off the road in a driveway, bought a new one (VW) and transferred my insurance. So the Vauxhall is broken and off the road but with 6 months left on the road tax but uninsured. I was supposed to declare it SORN but forgot.* A year later (Jan 2013) my work transferred me from London to Scotland and I had the Vauxhall SORNed then officially scrapped also in Jan 2013. I have a court summons letter dated 24/01/13 to attend court on 21/03/13 but being in Scotland I didn't receive it. A relative opened this
  3. I now have two letters from Inter-Credit International Ltd "preparing to claim against me" unless I pay them £80 for each car. I will call and pay this as I can muster up £160 for now, but it seems too little for my situation of having two cars off road but not sorn'd. Something else is about to hit me hard isn't it? Ideally I hope to get some free legal representative who can gather all my fines together and settle all for something that I can actually afford. Regards, Prince
  4. Hello and thanks very much for your feedback. Dont get me wrong I dont want to sell the cars to escape consequences, the time has come to sell them. I just found the paper work for both vehicles and I will start a SORN for both asap. So how do I go about doing this? Call DVLA directly? The fines and money being asked by the threatening letters are nothing shot of a joke. Do they just pull random figures out of the sky? I will arrange some legal advice to try and consolidate the fines, if anyone can suggest a company because in my research I am finding financial and legal jargon hard
  5. Hello all, I have just joined and would like to ask some advice please. Thanks in advance. I own 2 vehicles registered to myself at address A, and then in late 2007 I moved to address B. Both vehicles have not been driven since 2007 and are currently sitting still outside my addres B (off the road). I know it is probably my fault but I really forgot to declare them SORN at all over the last couple of years (my driving license is still registered at address A). I went to visit my old address A to check for mail etc, and there are tonnes and tonnes of threatening letters from bailiffs,
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