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  1. Hi Hopefully I am in the right place. I have received a Claim Form from Northampton (CCBC) and am not sure if there is anything I can do about it but would like to try. Any help would be appreciated, even a little guidance on how to complete the response pack. The particulars of claim (issued 25 July 2012) are as follows: The Claimant's Claim is in respect of a credit facility, xxx etc., provided by Cahoot at the Defendant's request on 27/06/2002. The agreement was subsequently defaulted. Failure to meet requests for payment resulted in the account being terminated. On 26/11/2007, all legal and beneficial interest for the monies was assigned to Hillesden Securities Ltd. The Defendant was duly notified in writing of the assignment and that a balance of 12349.63 was due. The balance of 11606.90 remains owing from the Defendant. As you can see I have had this debt for a long time and due to struggling with finances and redundancy have been making minimal payments. I have also received a Notice of Default sums from DLC for Litigation costs of £100.00 I have no means of paying such sums. Is there anything I can do?
  2. Hello I am sick to my stomach with worry and have been for some time. My lender has called me and told me that they will not go ahead with the eviction if I can bring the court order up to date which is in arrears at £1444.99 due to being out of work through January and most of February. I have tried everything, but my only saving grace is my mother. What I would like to know is, if this payment is made, can they still go ahead with the eviction? I would hate for my mother to loose her money. If they keep to their word, can they still evict me at any time, should a payment be missed, not that that is my intention, however, the past two months have been hell. Should I apply to the court to suspended eviction, although I thought I could only do this if I cleared the arrears of which the current total is £10,565.24 or if I had a contract to sell my home. I would be grateful for any advice. Thank you
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