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  1. Hi There I am currently trying to reclaim ppi from Opus previously Citi Cards and they have sent me a FOS questionaire to complete. I have been looking at other forums in regards to the success rate for these companies and have noticed that some people are getting rejected due to them opening their credit card account online. I also took my Citi Credit card out online in 2003 and am positive this box was pre-ticked without me noticing it, as there was no way I would have added this extra cost ,the only time I noticed that I was paying for this was when a few months later I notic
  2. Swift Sterling & CRS,Ect Hi guys , just wondering if you can give me some advice, I defaulted with Swift Sterling on the 30/11/11 but emailed them on the 26/11/11 advising them that I could not pay them in full and I would start making 10 monthly payments with one month interest added plus their usual default fee.
  3. Hi There , was just wondering if anyone could help me out with my credit card debt, would like to write to Vanquis and also Aqua asking if they would maybe freeze my payments and also accept a reduced monthly payment. Does anyone have experience of these companies doing this? I would appreciate any help in this matter. Regards Alibali x
  4. Just to let you guys know I checked my bank account today and Power Loans have refunded me the money in full, I have just transferred it into my other account where my wage goes into so they dont get a chance to take it back, there is now no money in the acount that they have details for so hopefully that will be the end of it until I can pay my overdraft of in full and close the account. Thanks for all your help & i sincerely hope you all get your money back too. Kind Regards alibali704
  5. Hi Tropaz Can I ask what contact number you phoned as I am getting nowhere with them , sent a letter recorded delivery asking for my membership to be cancelled asap and my money refunded just like they asked when I phoned the complaining, emailed them yesterday enquiring them to confirm that my account was cancelled and my money would be refunded,, today I got one of their standard emails back going on about how I signed up to this membership and what benefits I would get from been with them. the more this goes on the more angrier I get, I am a single mother and this was my child benef
  6. I also had £69.70 taken from my bank account last Monday, it was my child benefit money, I phoned Halifax and they stated the same thing as they had to Super saints and that I would have to contact the company direct. I phoned Power Loans and was told that they will cancel my membership over the phone, and to send a written request to them for a refund, I did this last Thursday recorded delivery, I have given them 14 days from the date of the letter to refund me or I will be going to the OFT and Consumers advice but no response so far. I just cannot believe that they can get away wi
  7. Hey guys, I have posting on here a lot and the advice has been great, I have managed to sort our re-payment plans with Wonga, Payday Uk & Lending stream, however Quickquid & Swift Sterling are proving to be the toughest or most frustrating. Quickquid did agree to a 6 month plan of £127.70 for 6 months but they wanted my bank details or debit card, advised I would not do this but would pay by Paypal, they then responded stating that they only accept paypal if you are making the payment in full & would still require my debit or bank details. I have two bank accounts with on
  8. Sorry guys, totally disagree with the ones who say just wait, we were stupid enough take out these payday loans so why not just get them sorted , I have emailed Lending Stream on a few occasions with no response, I have now got one letter ,felt guilty so phoned them, they were more than nice and now the repayment plan I wanted is in place, with just one phonecall, most of my other payday repayment plans are now sorted except for Swift Sterling who are being ackward . Just think why not get it done &dusted now & wait later on, thats when it will catch up. Thanx
  9. I also had an overdraft of £600.00 with halifax, I phoned them asking if I could also have a basic account as well as my current, they stated that I could but would have to fill out an application form which they could either send me or I could complete at a Halifax branch (this was an account with no credit checks), they also stated that I could apply for another current account with them as seemingly you are allowed up to three with the same bank in which i could do over the telephone(which they would have to do a credit check) thought I would try this but did not hold out much hope as i
  10. Hi disco daddy, I do have a template, will put it on tommorrow as have it on my email at work, dont worry Payday uk will originally respond stating that they dont do re-paypayment plans , just email them back back informing them that you have lost your job with the amount you can afford to pay,otherwise if you paid them the amount they are asking you would only have £xx.xx to live on , they should email back stating that they will accept a 3 month plan at £50,00 per month then afterwards they will review it, if you still cannot afford this just keep emailing them with your situation and what y
  11. Hey Nic, dont worry was in the same situation as you and was also losing sleep, 1st thing to do is open another bank account asap, halifax & Natwest will give you a basic account without any credit checks, phone them tommorrow and ask for an application form, once you have a new bank account switch everything over, except any direct debits with any payday loans, once this has been set up , phone your old bank and cancel your card, then email every payday loan company explaining you finances have changed and inform them what you are willing to pay and over a certain period. How much do
  12. Hi guys, have been trying to set up a repayment plan with quickquid in which they have now accepted a 6 month plan but have refused to give me their bank details. I have offered to pay by paypal but they have stated that they only accept paypal if the balance is paid in full and will only accept payments by direct debit & debit card, I do have my original account which has no money in it and was thinking i could maybe just transfer the exact monthly repayment from my new account to this one in order for them to be paid without getting any more. Does anyone think this is a good idea o
  13. Hi guys, just wondering if anyone knows what happens with lending stream, have emailed them a few times, with a reypayment plan with no reply, they have only text me once chasing payment, noticed on other threads that they do not seem to get back to anyone and just wondered if anyone has ever heard anything back as i am scared my loan will just be adding up interest. Kind regards
  14. Hi there my debt is for £427.50, I have offered to pay over 12 months as this is the minimum I can afford as I have 5 pay day loans altogether totaling around £3,500 and have managed to set up repayment plans with two of the companies, but am still awaiting to hear from two of them , have been giving Swift Sterling bank details from another member on this site but dont know whether to start making payment through standing order without an agreement or just wait until I know what they are going to do.
  15. Hey nottslad, brilliant result with Quickquid but just wondering how you managed it, have emailed them today with repayment plan but still not heard, any tips would be brilliant, Thanx:-)
  16. Hi guys, just hoping if anyone can give me advice , emailed them with a repayment plan , to be basically told nope, have emailed them again stating there is no way i can pay in full and just keep getting the same reply stating the email has been passed to the collections department, but please note: they only deal with people over the phone,has anyone has had any other dealings with them and if so what is the next step. Thanks for any advice x
  17. Hi there I have jut been on the phone to Payday Uk, to hopefully try and set up a repayment plan over 12 months, they have stated that they do not accept 12 month plans and the most they can offer is 4 months. As I have four other payday loans which I am looking to set up plans for, with Wonga already accepting, my budget wont allow for me to do this with Paday Uk. Does anyone think its worth pushing them, or do I just try and borrow the money from elsewhere. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  18. Hi there just wondering if anyone can help me, i am now taking control of my payday loans which are due this week and was wondering if anyone can give the the email address of the following payday loan companies to advise of my situation and hopefully set up repayment plans any help would be greatly appreciated. Wonga Quickquid Lending Stream PDUK Swift Sterling Thanks
  19. Hi there , just wondering if anyone can help me, about to start taking control of my payday loans which are due this week and was wondering if anyone can give me the email addresses of the following payday companies so i can inform them of my circumstances, any help would be greatly appreciated. Wonga Quickquid Lending Stream Payday Day UK Swift Sterling Thanks
  20. Was going to pay them by standing order, as I dont want to close my existing account as have an overdraft on this and it will be a lot of hassle, but looking at other peoples posts, it looks like I am going to have to.
  21. Hi Fernal, just wondering did you arrange this by email or phonecalls, I am also deciding to try this but scared incase they refuse, thanks
  22. Hi there Coalhammer, just wondering did you hav to close your old bank account and re-open a new one, I want to do this but really dont want to close my bank account as have an overdraft still on it, Thanx
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