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  1. i was full time, went on maternity and then asked to come back part time 3 full days a week after maternity to which they agreed. I had no intention of returning full time while my daughter is so young which is why I went part time - it allows me to spend time with her, attend baby health clinic and mother and baby groups etc on the days I dont work. I had the one meeting to discuss returning to work and that was it, I just turned up on my first day back and worked my days. I was not told I had a trial or an oppirtunity to change my mind if it didnt suit me and I have no other meeting since apart from my holiday meetings with HR in the last month. The only thing that was mentioned was when I told them I was returning part time I was told they couldnt gurantee I could go back full time if I decided to as there may not be the requirement for it. My job is facilities management for national accounts and is phone based, there are about 20 of us all the same grade with the 4 of us part time and the rest full time. We all do the exact same job
  2. I was full time until the feb, then i went on maternity leave and had my meeting about coming back in the September and told them I wanted to come back 3 full days - I then started a new p/t contract in the November last year. when I had the meeting in Sep, they asked me to work the monday instead of the days i'd asked for as it's busy. Not once was the bank holidays mentioned or the fact i'd have to work them - if they had I wouldnt have agreed to do the monday and stuck with the tue-thursday. HR and my manager are now claiming that as the whole contractual weekends and BH are relatively new (introduced while on maternity) they did not realise it would affect me but low and behold it was on my new contract that popped through the door 2 weeks later. At the time I signed the contract as I thought i was misreading it as it was never mentioned and then in the Dec they confirmed I didnt have to work them and have constantly been changing their mind ever since.
  3. Full time 39.5, The other part timers do 20 hours per week and I do 22.5 - these are the contracted hours as we dont get paid for an hour lunch break each day. I work 8.30am to 5pm Mon,Tues and Thursday.
  4. I'm calling ACAS tomorrow, but wondering if anybody had any imput. Whilst I was on maternity leave from my FT time a new contract was intorduced whereby all FT staff now have to woek a set amount of weekends per year and 2 BH which are on a rota and all other BH off - as a result they had a salary increase of £500pa to cover the extra days. They get 25 days holiday plus the BH's not worked I went back to work p/t and asked to work 3 midweek days, however i was asked to a mon and have a wed and fri off to whichi agreed. It was confirmed that the new weekend/bh rota did not affect me as pt on my return. However when I had my contract it stated that at 3 full days, I got 20 days holiday pa and if a BH fell ona working day then I had to work it or use a holiday. I disputed this as the 3 other p/t time were not on the same contract and have BH off - they all work 4 hours a day x 5 days. It was decided that my contract was right and theirs needing ammending to show they also had to work BH or use holidays. Today however I have been told that my contract will stay the same but as the other p/t work 5 days per week, they get the 25 days holidays (paid for the hours they work per day) and the BH and they dont have to work the BH after all? So basically I am the only part timer who has to work the BH. Thier reasoning is that they work 4 hours each day for 5 days per week and I work 3 full days so different rules apply - even though I work 3 hours more than them per week. Does this seem right, surely a part time staff member is a part time staff member and the same rule should apply to all as equals???? I feel as though im being penalised for doing my hours in full so that I can spend the other two days with my daughter for parenting clubs etc.
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