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  1. Hi Guys, Just a quick update, we challenged RBS on the difference they paid us v's the offer we agreed to and I am please to say last week we recieved payment in full plus interest for the FULL amout of the offer letter. If anyone is struggling for contacts within RBS PM me and I will give you direct contact details for people who can over-rule set banking decisions!! Thanks everyone for the advice. Now my attentions turn to LLoyds, watch this space....... Ally
  2. Hi ims, This was for 3 loans my OH had with lombard all of which have been paid off in full years ago. I copied the FOS form and sent 3 off to RBS, 1 to Kensington BS, 1 to Black Horse and 1 to First Choice. So far the only payout we have had has been the RBS one's, however, we have just accepted an offer via FOS for Kensington and Black Horse is with FOS. But I thought an offer was an offer they have sent us workings which show the original offer was for more than premiums paid, but our argument is we accepted the higher offer and may not have accepted the lower amount. Do
  3. Hi Has anyone ever posted about accepting an offer on PPI then receiving payment for less? This has happened to us we accepted 3 offers from RBS back in October and after chasing daily for ages eventually received payment on 23rd December. However the amout received was over£1,300 less than it should have been and when we have questioned this we have been told the original offer was inputted incorrectly? Can they do this surely an offer is an offer? Any advice welcomed. Thanks Ally
  4. Hi, Can someone advise me please, this is going back a long time. Back in 1998 my company went into administration leaving an overdraft of £7,600 with Lloyds. At the time I had been paying overdraft insurance of £83 per month which I assumed covered me for my overdraft if anything went wrong, however when I tried to claim I was told it did not cover me for insolvency and I would have to pay the debt back. It then took me over 10 years to pay this amount and intrest back to the bank and their collection companies. Do I have a claim for mis-sold insurance? as I do no
  5. Please could someone advise me. In 2007 I had an Orange account which was running fine and paid by DD, however, my bill where getting rather large about £75 per month, my contract was £30 per month and the remaineder was in overage calls, I was 12 months into an 18 month contract so called Orange for advice. The call centre representative advised me to change packages to a monthly payment of £45 per month but assured me this would cover my usage. This I did however my bills went to £120-£136-£147 in the following months, I called and queried this and was told my useage had gone up he
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