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  1. Many thanks guys - I will be seeing her on Saturday - work permitting - so will get the form done then. I cant remember which court it was as was in London somewhere - is there anyway of finding out at all. I did dig out a payment card thing last night which you can pay at post offices etc etc - is it worth me paying some using that off the court fine ???????
  2. many thanks brassnecked - my fear being that they will continue to harass and that the result will be her having another serious episode. Bi-polar is horrendus and comes from taking on too much and not being able to control emotions!!! I am hoping probably in vain that they will respond to my emails !! but suppose i am being naive. Just wish that they would engage with me so I can sort without the need for them wanting to impose further charges and misery
  3. Many thanks Craig ! Where do i get the Claim of Ownership form from ???? loathed to involve her too much as my mess and she natuarlly worries but want to do all to prevent these guys making her life hell!!! As i said my mess and i want to sort but not as they say in one go!!
  4. Really in need of dire help as to how to deal with a situation with Martson Only just come to my attention that a letter was sent to my mothers address in London from Marston with regards to them saying they have a Magistrates Court Order due to No Vehicle Excise Licence. This relates to an offence years ago when I lost my license (totally my fault and not disputing this) The amount they are asking for is £772 which is way over the intial amount. This is where is gets complicated as I do not live at my mothers address and have not done so in over 20 years!!!! No idea whe
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