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  1. Hi, We moved in to a rental property almost a year ago and have been getting letters from Perfect Home for the previous occupant ever since. To begin with we forwarded them to her thinking that she might alert them to her change in her address - this didn't happen. Since then we've been phoning Perfect Home whenever we get a letter but they won't change the address listed until she tells them to (which obviously isn't going to happen while she owes them money). Anyway, we've now started getting notes through the door that they have tried to collect goods along with letters stating that her account has been passed to "stage 2". Neither me or my partner have ever bought anything from Perfect Home but are starting to get worried that they will try to take our possessions. Can anyone offer any help? Thanks
  2. Hi, I wonder if you could help me. We recently moved out of a rented house where we had a 1 year shorthold tenancy agreement. Initially it was just my partner who moved in and he can't remember whether he was provided details of the deposit protection scheme. Anyway, on the final inspection we admitted to an iron burn on the carpet (even though there was no inventory so it couldn't be proved we did it as we felt it wasn't fair to get out of paying for damage we'd done) but as we left the property the letting agent closed the door and snapped off the outside handle. We've now been charged £100 from the deposit but no details of what this is for and only the agents word that this amount is what the owner wants to keep. We know that they have no intention of replacing the carpet as there are many other marks on walls and ceilings that they have done nothing about and there is staining on other carpets that was present when we moved in. We're also not sure if he's blaming us for the door handle. My partner had a call today and apparently the money will come to us as a cheque from the letting agent. This seems a bit strange if the deposit was in a deposit protection scheme as when I've rented before it's always been dealt with through the scheme rather than coming straight from the agent. Any advice would be appreciated. Sarah
  3. The trouble is at the moment they keep saying they have to repair it rather than replace it, can't seem to get put through to anyone with any authority to do anything
  4. My boyfriend and I purchased a Hotpoint washer/dryer from Comet's auction site in September 2010. It worked up until just before Christmas 2010 when the air stopped being heated for the drying cycle. Since then we have had 5 engineers come out to look at the machine. Engineer 1 replaced the thermostat - problem reappeared after 1 use Engineer 2 came without parts, said only 3 things control the dryer so ordered PCB Engineer 3 came and changed PCB - problem reappeared after 1 use Engineer 4 came without parts, accused us of breaking it by stopping the machine mid cycle (the only people to have done this were the engineers when testing it), ordered thermistor Engineer 5 came and replaced thermistor - problem reappeared after 1 use. Engineer 6 is booked to come tomorrow 06/04/11. Getting really sick of this now as the first 4 times one of us has had to take the day off work to wait in as they won't tell you a time they're going to come. Last time we managed to get a Saturday appointment but waited til 2.45 to be told they were coming at 3 so wasted most of the day waiting. How long should we have to give them to repair it before we get a replacement? And who should we ask to talk to about it as ringing the call centre just goes through the same process over and over again.
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