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  1. Hello everyone!! Well, this is my second post ever!! I have raised a claim against Lloyds TSB for £841.18 and have done all the good stuff with the Data request, which they adhered to, the follow-up request for the money which they blew me out on, followed by the last warning letter. MCOL logged and claim went through succesfully without Lloyds TSB issuing a defence, not even an acknowledgement. So, I heard from the woman on the help line at Northampton county court that people who demand payment immediately, usually have to wait 30 days for their money. I, on the otherhand, gave them 7 days. Today being the last to pay it in full by. Midnight tonight, I can issue a Warrant of Execution. Now, I'm getting a bit shakey about all this because its getting way WAY real. Whats next, anyone? Will the bank pay or should I be letting Martin Lewis know so he can round up a press team to gain entry to 25 Gresham St, London? I am 100% gung-ho because as like a lot of you, I have been made to suffer **EDITED**. If the bailiff is needed, I will. I feel I need to etch it onto their heads to make them understand it because LloydsTSB don't seem to be too bothered. After all, :evil: what am I to them?? :-x I look forward to your reply guys and girls. All the best, Justin
  2. Hello CAG!! First post and with a question too. With regards to my old Lloyds TSB account that I had closed when I got a joint account with my now ex-wife in 2000, can I get my statements for that old account? I was charged for the plasma in my blood with that account!! Any reply from you guru's would be so appreciated!! Thread ya later!! (lame I know) Justin
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