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  1. Hi The SAR information arrived today by courier, it was a massive parcel and Companies must hate providing this information as it mast take ages and cost well over the £10 paid. Will start now to go throigh it but it is very interesting at a glance Thanks
  2. Hi Everyone, Went to court, had a chat with Kensingtons rep in the waiting room and she told me that everything i said was wrong all charges are justified and that direct debit charges are not even mentioned in the FSA ruling. The Judge listened to us both but all the Kensington rep kept saying was the charges are jusified and industry standard and that i was just trying to haze the issue at the last minute. The judge said that it would take a hearing of at least two hours to go through the charges and interest etc and that he did not have the time today. He ordered that the hearing was adjo
  3. Hi Sorry i did not come back for help just to let you know what was going on, i have been collecting all my statements and info up together and Kensington sent me the information on 27th April, not really a lot of time for an ordinary person to work out the complicted interest. Will let you know later what happens THANKS VERY MUCH ONCE AGAIN.
  4. Hi All, Court in the morning 11am. I have the info from Kensington that they have sent to the court showing over £6000 of charges, all that have been added to my balance and interest accrued on it, got a letter from them confirming receipt of my data subject access request on 18th April but i have proof they recieved it on 8th April, they say they have till the 27th to send me the data, I have a statement from them for last month with over £250 of charges on it for that month alone mainly agents/solic costs etc. I have made my monthly payment and have worked out that since 1 Feb i have paid
  5. Just a quick update, new court date is 5th May, Kensington must Serve and file a statment showing an accurate history of the arrears and how they are calculated by 4pm on 20th April. Thanks again everyone.
  6. I will use the address on the bottom of the letter they sent me that is registered with the data people. It was a nightmare trying to get information when i called and asked for the data controller information, they said they did not know what i was talking about. One of the operators gave me this number 0207 5974000 which was answered investec bank when i asked is that Kensington she said well yes ??. Never heard of them before.
  7. But it has to be sent to the address registered with the data commisioner and this is not the registered address of either
  8. Hi Again, Sorry to bother you all again, on the ico website Kensington is listed twice,as kensington mortgage group limited and kensington mortgages both have the same address which should i put on the SAR ?.
  9. greatburton, dont be sad, i am sure there will be a way forward. I came within 45 mins of eviction today and with the help of the people on this site i have a reprieve. Only a small (3 weeks) one but its extra time to work on a solution.
  10. Hi All, Thanks so much for your help. Went to court today i told the judge all the info about the FSA rulings etc. The Kensingtons Rep said we are apposing the eviction being postponed. The judge asked him for my statements, he said he did not have any detailed information about my account. The Judge postponed for 2 weeks for them to send all my statements etc to the court and to me and then have another hearing to determin the true arrears. Kensingtons Rep told him this case has been going on for 5 years, 2 weeks may not be enough because it will be a substantial document so the judge said
  11. What is Norgan case law sorry ? This is the info i put on my statement plus i attatched the FSA ruling and info plus statments with at least £1500 of charges on them. I am asking for the court to postpone the eviction dated 06/03/11 for 2 months because i believe the arrears are substantually less than what they are asking. This is because the charges and administration fees should have been levied at cost price and have been levied at an excessive rate and exceeded administrative costs therefore they are unlawful. Also they have been adding the charges to the balance and levying int
  12. Thanks that made me laugh, i have attatched that info ect to the application what i meant was shall i tell Kensington this when i fax them a letter might it make them back off a bit.
  13. Shal i tell them why, the charges, the interest on the charges and quote the FSA info etc etc.
  14. Hi Been to the court and they have given me a hearing time of 10am tomorrow morning, 60 mins before the eviction. I have checked my statements and they have been charging me interest on the fees etc because they have been adding it onto the mortgage balance they even state in a letter i found that was the case. Is it worth me calling them and trying to talk to them about the hearing tomorrow, obviously they will send a representative. Thanks for you help so far.
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