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  1. just a bit of an update, seller has now used my original debit card payment details and taken £200 from my bank account without telling me, any idea what i can do.
  2. Apparently it spat out a load of iron filings and was leaking from a few seals badly and yes I did see the pump and it looked very bad, the people I used also recon diesel pumps and they said it could not be reconditioned, so I have asked them to put it in writing and they have said they will, so I can send this to the seller, but they said they had never heard of a seller asking for another surcharge after you had already paid one.
  3. no the only surcharge I was told about was the £50 when I ordered part on the telephone, he did say on his recent telephone call when asking for the £200 charge that he had put a sticker on the box, but there was no sticker just his invoice inside the box, which stated £195 for pump and £50 surcharge, invoice did not even state postage costs, I have since found his company has a website and the part is listed as recon exchange part but there is no mention of a £50 surcharge or £200 surcharge on that page or any page of his website.
  4. I dont have the pump anymore, the garage that fitted it said it was too damaged to save.
  5. Hi hope this is the right place to post, sorry if it is not. I phoned a car parts specialist for a diesel pump, he said he only had a recon one for £195 + postage and a £50 surcharge, which I understood to mean if I did not return my old pump I would lose the £50 surcharge, so I payed the £195 and £50 surcharge, he has now been in contact some weeks later after I had the pump to ask when I would be sending my old pump and if I dont send it to him within the week I have to pay a £200 surcharge. do I have to pay him this amount if I dont send him my old broken pump.
  6. hi just a quick question, I am doing a ppi claim on a credit card, on the CIsheetv101.xls spreadsheet for contractual interest it has a claim to date is that now or when they stopped charging me interest when I defaulted on the account.
  7. if banks are so worried about getting there loans and credit cards paid back to them, why dont they give you free ppi when you take out the loan and just put a little more on there interest, win win.
  8. If I sar barclaycard would I have to do a separate sar for my barclays current account. cheers in advance for any help.
  9. Back in 2009 before I found this site I knew nothing about claiming ppi refunds and I wrote to mbna to ask for my ppi money back, they wrote back and said they would as a gesture of goodwill pay back all my premiums as a credit on my account and said if they did not hear from me in the next eight weeks they would consider the matter fully resolved, I did not know at the time I could claim interest, do I still have a claim for compound interest or statuary interest or have I left it to late.
  10. cheers I will thanks for all your help.
  11. because it will take so long to pay the debt of £6000 off at £1 a month, I don't want to go to court and get a charging order on my house but I would like to be able to say to the court, they have no cca I will pay back what I can afford but leave my home alone.
  12. I have a credit card debt and on the advice of this site I am paying £1 a month because I am on benefits, if they ever take me to court could I still defend the case because they have no cca or would I be in a bad position because I have been paying £1 a month. I am not trying to get out of paying the debt but at the moment I have no job and thats all I can afford but I would like to be able to defend if they go for a charging order if they have no cca, I just dont want them saying if you thought there was no cca why did you pay £1 a month and they get a charging order without a fight. cheers in advance for any advice.
  13. I had a secure loan with swift in 2005, after less than a year I remortgaged and got rid of this loan but my 40000 loan cost me 51000 to clear, in this was a ppi five year plan that carried on after i had paid back the loan ( i have since claimed twice on this policy and got my premium back in payments to me) I was just wondering if i should make a ppi claim against swift or some other claim because it seems a lot to pay 11000 just to pay up a loan early, I did ask my mortgage adviser at the time and he said the loan had to be paid so I could remortgage any help would be welcome.
  14. yes I am going to reclaim ppi but noticed that there was a -30.14 left on account at end of sar details after balance of account was transferred to dca and I wondered if this meant the account was in credit, but I dont think capital one would keep a payment if there was no amount owing ?
  15. A couple of years ago I was on a dmp and one payment went to capital one after they sold the account to a debt collection agency, I think they then sent the payment to the new owners because balance is correct as if I they had sent it to dca , this was 1 month after they sold it but according to sar my account balance shows a -30.14 on it at capital one balance and does not state they have sent it to new owners. do I ask them for payment back or would that be there way of saying it was sent to new owners.
  16. sorry to jump in but if the account is now with santander, did they not buy out cahoot like a&l and so you would sar santander?
  17. cheers one quick question, do i use the apr that was on the account for most of the ppi charges or the one that they are currently using which is higher. thanks in advance for any help you can give.
  18. I have had a kays account for over 10 years with ppi on it, I thought until recently I had to have it to keep the account. I have made severely claims over the years, can I still claim a refund or is it best to just cancel the ppi and forget it .
  19. Make sure she sends a cca request, no agreement = no pay, or they will welcome £5 a month with open arms.
  20. so if no agreement then dont pay and go for sb after 6 years and if they take me to court before 6 years tell them no agreement came after cca request so I stopped paying. and for the recon ones with missing prescribed terms pay £1 a month and if they take me to court tell them im on benefits and thats all I could pay.
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