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  1. Hi folks, Just a quick update, I have just sent off a witness statement to the OFT, So it looks like this is going to court. Hopefully going to kick HFO butt !!!!! I would just like to thank donkeyb, broken arrow and coledog for their advice, Hats off to u all
  2. Hi all, I have just been contacted by the OFT and want to send all my letters etc off to them- Would anyone have a written document regarding HFO capital ltd Ireland acquiring accounts from HFO capital Cayman with dates as to prove it was passed while there wasnt actually a Consumer Credit Licence in place, that they could scan and upload to me? Kindest regards to you all Michelle
  3. UPDATE I have received a reply from Polly Ashford at the OFT she is passing on my complaint letter to a case leader in her team who will be in contact shortly.
  4. Last payment was made 09-09-2008 by postal order Thanks for all the help guys
  5. I will get on to the OFT straight away, Any advice on handling HFO in the meantime and would i be right in thinking that after the info that you just provided the debt would be null and void to HFO?
  6. i have mainly received 72 HOUR OF LITIGATION letters and SCHEDULE OF LITIGATION letters
  7. I have just got off the phone It was sold to HFO Capital on the 8-11-2007 they couldnt tell me exactly when it defaulted
  8. I was just going on the dates of their letters, Is there any chance they do not own the debt??
  9. HFO services PO box342 West Byfleet Surrey KT14 6YX i have also found out their registered business adress - HFO services ltd Kings Parade Lower Coombe St Croydon CR0 1AA They claim to have brought the debt July 2008
  10. Hi All Please can someone offer me some advice on what to do next.. The story so far..... In 2008 HFO took over a Barclaycard debt of £1365.90 I started to pay them £1 a month with postal orders These payments were never deducted from the outstanding total I stopped paying after this I had regular telephone calls from a vile man called Anshu Vij working for HFO I stopped this by only being in contact by writing Have had numerous letters of SCHEDULE OF LITIGATION to which i have ignored And letters from TURNBALL RUTHERFORD SOLICITORS to which i have also ignored I sent off a request for a copy of the credit agreement which was received on the 12-04-2011 i received a photocopy of the back page of the original card application but this was not received until the 15-07-2011 over 2 moths later! (copy uploaded) Up until today have not heard a thing from them Now i receive this letter (copy uploaded) I am at a loss of what to do next, Any advice would be great Kindest regards Michelle
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