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  1. Hearing lasted 15mins Adjourned for another 30mins then giving written warning. Deciding if to appeal or not. Have been reading the Disciplinary and grievance procedures on the ACAS website. I do have one question though: If a disciplinary manger is investigating a complaint & uses email to gather evidence/feedback, is the accused (for want of a better word) allowed to know which work colleagues the email was sent to ?
  2. hi thanks for the reply giggins i have been given copies of witness statements & also the original email asking for feedback although it is being with held from me to exactly how many people the email was sent out to. Also in the email sent from my manager it states that i have already been given several " warnings" which simply isn't true
  3. All that the letter says is the hearing is to discuss personal mobile phone usage during company time. Are there any other issues at work that might make you feel the phone issue has an ulterior motive? Yeah i was signed off sick with anxiety/stress from october through to December. Maybe I'm just wanted out the team.
  4. Hi I'm new here, been reading through some of the threads on this board which has been helpful. Have Disciplinary hearing coming up due to unacceptable mobile phone usage. Back story - Work at a large company with an open plan office, last June got a promotion into another department. After a few months had a performance review where some feedback was given (from someone in another team who I have to interact with) that i was checking my phone too much (messages) OK duly noted, i had come from a department where the working environment was more relaxed & where this wasn't so much
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