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  1. Thanks for all your advice. I was given a hire car but only had it for a couple of days, even though I was given the impression that I would have it over the Christmas period whilst my car was repaired. We even put £25 of petrol in it because of this. I have asked for a refund of that which Mazda First say they will sort out. It was as if the garage rushed the job to get my car back to me before they broke up for Christmas. I've already tried a friendly approach to Mazda First saying I expect a new panel to be fitted but they just said it would be up to the engineer. It doesn't
  2. I also have motor legal cover if I needed to use that?
  3. Thanks, both. As it is a Mazda, I decided to use Mazda First who deal with it all for me. They liaise with the third party insurers and I won't have to pay anything at all. I did notify my actual insurers too though. I'm beginning to wonder if I made the wrong decision.
  4. Would appreciate opinion on this: A car went into the back of mine on a busy rush hour road and the driver admitted their guilt. All going through insurers okay but as my car is only 8 months old, is a limited edition model, and was perfect before the accident (which caused an indent/mark where the other car hit mine, and put the rear panel out of alignment with the left-hand side panel) I expected the garage to just order a new back panel and replace it, thus putting my car back into the position it was prior to the accident and guaranteeing no loss to its value. However, they did a re
  5. Just seen this on the Consumer Focus website: Once a decision has been reached the energy supplier has up to 28 days to put in place any remedy that the Ombudsman has called for.
  6. Bit of an update here. This went to the Energy Ombudsman and it was eventually agreed that npower would provide a letter of apology and a payment plan. However, they have not met their deadline for doing this. As this Final Decision was binding on npower doing the above by a certain date and they have not met this date, I wonder if the £300 does not need to be paid now? How do we stand legally? Any advice would be appreciated.
  7. Reply has been received from Executive Complaints and advice re next steps would be really appreciated as I believe back billing (at least) applies. By the way, their letter dated 12 July was not received. "You recently wrote to npower’s Customer Service Director Gareth Pickles in relation to your billing query and the delay in issuing the final bill to you. As a member of the Executive Complaints Team, this has been passed to me to investigate and respond on their behalf. After completing a full review of the issues you have raised, please find below a detailed respons
  8. Wow! This is a great page and I didn't even know it existed. Lots of information on it though so will have a good read to find out the bits I need to know. Thank you.
  9. No, they haven't responded at all except for the standard letter on 1 May saying they have raised a complaint on my daughter's behalf. We will send another letter to the Customer Services Director, attaching all previous correspondence, and send it recorded delivery. Would you agree that the back billing law applies in my daughter's case? I believe it does.
  10. Still battling with this so would appreciate some advice. Had a letter from npower dated 1 May, that was obviously a standard letter, saying they've taken the feedback seriously and raised a complaint on my daughter's behalf and they are confident the matter would be resolved shortly. Didn't hear anything so sent a letter dated 21 June to the person who sent the aforementioned letter saying that other than receiving further remainders to pay the disputed amount owing, nothing else had been received. We asked for a response within 10 days. Now, 7 July,
  11. Just an update that apparently my daughter rang npower up when she moved out of her flat last July to ask for a final bill. They didn't respond at all and no bill arrived. Now they respond (letter received 12 April) apologising for not getting the final bill to her on time and that it falls short of the service the customer deserves, etc, etc. My daughter sent a letter back to them saying that she is not liable for any payments due further than 12 months away from the date she received their letter and asked them to send an amended bill within the next 10 days
  12. I will get more details tomorrow as I'm going to speak to them on her behalf (it's npower, by the way). I'll update when I know more; does seem a bit strange!
  13. My daughter moved out of her flat early last July 2013, and she asked for and paid the final gas/electric bill. However, she has now just received another final bill for over £450. She has spoken to the company who say it is their fault and the amount is for Jan to July 2013. They say she can pay via a payment plan. Needless to say, she is very upset. She paid by direct debit when she lived there and made sure she paid the final bill. She lives on a very tight budget and manages her money accordingly. Can anyone tell me where she stands here
  14. Thanks again then! I'll update this post if anything changes following union involvement! Won't hold my breath though.
  15. Thanks for all your replies but no-one has actually answered my question, sorry! WPL = fine, no problems with paying that as I want to use my car and understand I now have to pay to park at work. Extra money on top of WPL that the company has said will pay for new barrier/attendant costs = problem with this: is this a cost we have to pay under our terms of employment?
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