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  1. On reflection my previou post may have been a little strong. I personally didn't get anything from this software, but maybe it will benefit others. I just think the price is a little steep for what you get. I have spoken with James who is responsible for this software and I genuinely believe he was trying to make a difference and I understand his reasons for eventually charging for it and it was not marketed to deceive people so I apologise to James if I caused any offense or negativity.
  2. FREE! FREE! not any more. I just paid almost £40 for this software which offers no more than the demo plus "guides" that you can find on this site for FREE!!!!! Sorry, but yet another exploitation of vulnerable people. Almost £40 I spent on this software which pretty much promised to help me - well I'm bloody sorry for being so angry, but that is £40 that I could have put to something else. People behind IMM, be ashamed, very ashamed, nice marketing and all, but your end product is clearly just to make YOU money and not help people in debt! DISGUSTED AND £40 DOWN Joey
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