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  1. I bought a Smeg KSEG7 via Deals4U.co.uk and it has blown 3 times now. A very helpful engineer, sent out by Deals4U has been here twice, and has now replaced the circuit board and placed it inside a plastic bag to stop steam getting to it (!!!) He said it would probably be okay but if i smelt burning i should turn it off! The hood has since blown again, but I replaced the fuse, and now the switch for the light is not working at all, although the motor is still working. Smeg, via Deals4U, have offered to collect it but there was confusion about whether they would replace the unit. Having spoken to Deals4U, who I bought this item from, I have been told that if I want a refund or replacment, i will need to pay for the required electrician to come and disconnect/dismantle the hood, and to install a new one! Since the goods are faulty and I have already paid for the original installation (as well as a custom made cupboard unit to house it) are Deals4U correct in refusing to pay for removal and reinstallation? Please help!...
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