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  1. Looking for some advice for a friend of mine. He works within a department of between 10-15 people. The work all over the Midlands area covering diffrent stores. At the end of each season a cash bonus is paid to them providing targets are met. Some stores clear target when some struggle to make it anywhere near, they work out the bonus based on which stores you have covered 80% of the time. Some people work a variety of stores whilst a select few are allowed to be based at one store only. They find any excuse not to move these stores as they know and often boast about how t
  2. Hi there Ive just had a terrible time with homebuy. I dont know if this is some use to you but the current company director is a julie driver. [email protected] Ive received a letter today saying that they are writing off what is owed on the account. This makes me think why! I cant see a company just write off an account unless they know they would come un-stuck somewhere with rheir threarened court action etc Hope the email is of some use to you
  3. Well this morning i received a letter from homebuy They state that all communications have broken down and they are writing off what is owed under the agreement I still do not think this company should be running in any shape or form. Who do i put a complaint in to? Ive spoken to the company director, julie driver, via email and telephone. She seems somewhat uninterested. Tho im unsure if its my email complaint last week about the lovely pauline or the fact i was somewhat concerned about the call off a personal mobile number from lorraine. I mean who knows what
  4. These were all threads dating back to april 2012 i dont know why they have just appeared again now. I do apologise but at the start of the threads it does state i was not sure on the workkngs on the website and couldnt find my orihinal thread. This issue has since been ressolved so please feel free to delete. Thankyou
  5. Good evening. I write to ask you good people for some advice whilst dealing with homebuy. Im A 7 year customer of homebuy and in december/january ings all went wrong. We made a customer complaint and that lead to us discovering that we would be paying off our account longer than the term we agreed to. We also discovered that we had apparently signed up for re-scheduling of the account tho the contract for this can not be found by homebuy. We then complain direct to the director of homebuy and she actually calls to apologise and says she will cancel the optional care on our
  6. Going forward with this a few questions. Can they take it back and ask for money If i forward a sar to homebuy what can i expect to receive back If the re-scheduling contract does not materialise what can be done about it Thankyou
  7. Good morning. For years we were customers of homebuy....the white goods place They come and attach a box to your tv and then empty it each month Since we joined homebuy have gone through many directors and company names etc. We began to have issues with homebuy back in january of this year. Customer service shocking. We then found that we would be paying off our goods for a lot longer than what we had signed for....even tho the telly box had been over filled by us nearly every month so payments were never short. Then we discover that a account had been re-scheduled. We
  8. sorry to wake this old thread. i just wondered if you had got anywhere with the sar ? homebuy tell me they dont to them ?? thanks
  9. homebuy it seems havent a clue what they are saying and i was just after some advice spoke to julie driver back in january.......she passes it on to lorraine lorraine never calls back. next thing "account in arrears we are coming to remove goods" letter thru the doors. there is only about 24 weeks left on agreement! so this morning i ring back and ask to speak to a christoper simpson who is named on the letters "sorry hes not in the office today" now being completely unbelieving of homebuy and those who answer the phones i telephone back and ask for him again "you
  10. Hastings rubbish customer service strikes again!! We had the same issues with Hastings back in 2011. Never known a company like them!! It took me coming on here to complain (not in this thread-I'd started my own) to get the attention of someone who could help! Our car was also written off by Hastings, tho on their engineers report they had listed parts not even needed - eg they listed clips would need to be bought separate to the lights and gaskets needed that didn't even exist!! I even got vauxhalls parts department to confirm this Once we reached a agreeable settlement figur
  11. Hi all. I currently have some on going issues with homebuy but I've been getting nowhere making complaints via their contact details online. Lorraine the supervisor is never in the office and the only person above her the telephone people tell me is Julie. They are 'not allowed' to give me her last name but a quick search on the Internet gives the name Julie driver as director. So I've this morning rang the office and told a little white lie, I called myself a trader ( well I do trade on eBay ) and my lie worked So if anyone is unfortunate enough to hold an account with h
  12. thankyou so much for a speedy response. i didnt think they would be able to. my heads just mashed with the fear of being left with zero funds and being unable to feed kids or keep the roof over our heads. my account with rbs is a basic account the lowest one they do so im hoping they wont allow it to go overdrawn at all. im going to email payday uk tomorrow with a repayment plan., the amount owed is £375. if i can keep my wages safely in my partners bank account i can have it cleared soon
  13. ive been battling and trying to clear a paydayuk loan but having no joy and they ownt accept a re-payment plan to suit my reduced hours so ive had no option now but to report my card as 'lost' and default that way. ive tried opening a bank account online but am worrying a new account number wont come in time for me to hand it into work. If i have my wages paid into my partners bank account can the payday loan company get to them? we both bank with rbs. we hold seperate accounts that we have our wages put into and a joint account for bits and bobs of bills. if my wages are paid into m
  14. Evening. I wonder if i could get some advice from you good people. Last october we were involved in a car accident. The accident was not our fault. A car hit us at speed causing us to be shoved into the car infront. The car that hit us has admitted liability both to hastings and our own solicitor who is handling the claim for return of excess and injurys. Shortly before christmas we received a letter from a company called DAS acting on behalf of the car we were shoved into. When they wrote to me we informed DAS that we were not at fault for the accident. The letter contained our
  15. Oh and of you. Getting no luck with Jamie there is a phone number for their customer services people on a thread I started last September. Sorry I can't link it as I'm on my phone but I think you can find it by clicking on my posts? Our end result was we bought back car and received a payout WITHOUT having our premiums deducted. Hope you get the same
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