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  1. I actually received notice for possession now. It's not signed by the LL, only by someone from the agency. I really think they are playing games. So now, I'm going to write an amicable letter to Hong Kong, just to confirm what the LL really wants to do. /hates agencies.
  2. It does make a difference. Where is the loss in security for the LL if they have a good tenant in the property paying rent, beyond the minimum term that they required to justify their costs (and mine) in agreeing the tenancy? They hoped for a good tenant in the property paying rent for at least 6 months, and that's what they got. Why risk having the property sit on the market with nobody paying rent? Why risk having a new tenant that is not amicable, or who fails to pay rent? And why pay administration fees to do that? It seems like jumping in the fire to avoid the heat. I don't see
  3. Then surely if the LL is unhappy with me not signing a new fixed term contract they should serve a notice; and then start viewings? Not the other way around... Which I said I would happily accept.
  4. Hi all, this is quite similar to the thread 298034-Letter-to-Landlord-Periodic-Tenancy but differs in that the agency wants to commence viewings for other prospective tenants if I don't sign a new fixed term contract, rather than raise the rent. My Assured Shorthold Tenancy was signed on the 28th of November last year and will therefore automatically become a Periodic Tenancy on the 28th of May, as according to the law. The agency first called me to ask if I was staying and will sign a new contract on the 14th of March, which is a little early. My feelings about this is that they we
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