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  1. Second letter sent 18/4/11 arrived 19/4/11 signed at 9:40 - letter recd is dated 05/05/2011 - so they have ignored my letters.
  2. Hey guys this morning I recd another template letter.. Like the last one about pay up in 7 days. I've sent a cca letter and they didnt reply in the time scale so sent a dispute letter about a couple weeks ago. I sent them to po box address on their letters. All sent signed for - I have checked they have signed them. They are ignoring letters what now.
  3. Housing benefit is a very busy department - they send hundred of letters each day- they have targets and work to get through like the rest of us. Just unfortunate you've received your letters before the weekend. What they meant to do stop working Thursday/Friday??? Your find the letters go second class! Call the job centre (dwp) make sure you benefits haven't stop etc- as hb acts on information they have been provided. They have to act on this information - to prevent any overpayments/ fraud. Not all council / hb are bad.
  4. Broken arrow - explain??? Claim for arrears?? Easy to defend
  5. Hi loolabelle, exactly the same thing happen to me barclay card debt- such an old debt. Hfo sent a reminder letter beginning of April.. Never received the first one! Debt was for £900 -then they added their unreasonable ridiculous interest of 12%. !!!! I've sent a cca letter as recommended by coledog - didn't here anything in the 12+2 days so I've sent the account in dispute letter on the 19/4!! all letters sent recorded and signed for. I've checked online they have signed for both of my letters. No reply as yet! Waiting days. I'll let you know the outcome- thank god for these guys he
  6. Ok hfo - haven't replied to my letter which they would of received on the 4/4/2011- if I post my 12 day letter this week? What does this mean - where do I stay will they still keep sending me threatening letters demanding the money etc ..
  7. love the comments lol.. i've complained to OFT ..
  8. hi there, i recd a letter from HFO this morning - they would of received my CCA on the 4/4/2011 - so they have replied quite quickly. this letter is dated 7/4/11 it read as follows - please advise what i do now???? as this letter isnt the nicest - "I have attempted to contact you several times recently, with the offer that HFO has for for you in conection with your account. The current Balance outstanding is £1812.53. We can minimize the additional costs and interest charges and costs that you currenlty incurring through non payment, provided that you call me on. I can
  9. Hfo have done the same to me, I called barclay card- they said I owe £986 , hfo wants £1810.43 - please let me know your outcome so I can do the same. - this debt is nearly 10 years old. Hfo apparently bought this debt in 2007. I received a letter the other day saying a reminder of assignment. I never received the first one!
  10. Ok- just sent a cca to hfo -postal order etc - shall I now send sar to barclay card .. Please send the link. Again thank you so much.
  11. hi, They dont have my work details - they are wrtiting to my home address. i dont own the property my partner does. . God knows how they located me. This is the first letter - i havent recevied any phone calls as yet - so that's a result. i am willing to pay off my debts - just to get them off my back- i was a student and was given this credit card at 18... ouch. its nearly ten years ago now. But i am only willing to pay what i actually owe barcaly card. If i can get out payig for sure... i'm interested. i'm in the middle of typing my letter which you have already advised
  12. Lop- how did you get hfo to agree for you to pay half?
  13. Hfo's terms and condition - not bros
  14. Hi- thank you for your advice- I checked my credit report nothing as yet from hfo This the first letter I recall been sent to me- no notice of assignment - and no annual statement. The letter states it's a reminder of assignment- I never received any like this before. - this the first letter! Letter reads : as you have already been informed, your account,including all legal rights and obligation associated with it, has been sold by barclaycard to hfo cap lmtd. Your account is currently being managed by hfo services lmtd and the debt is now subject to bros standard terms and condition
  15. Hi there, Ive received letter from hfo this morning- regarding a barclay card I must of had when I was 17/18. letter from hfo- stating I owe £1810.43 - I have called barclaycard asking the amount and when it was sold to hfo- amount only £986- an they sold the account to hfo in September 2007. What do I do ? How soon will this affect my credit score? - can I pay back what I owe not the £1810.43 My partner does not know about this debt-and I'm scared it'll bring bad debt to our house, as we have joint account- I'm sure my crediting rating will affect his.
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