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  1. Thanks Andy, much appreciated. I understand what you are saying about 1-6. I just wanted to show that I am so anal, I keep every piece of important paper I get. The reason I am so clear about the details of this meeting is that I still have the diary notes.
  2. About a week later the card arrived with a booklet with the T&Cs. Never had a copy of the agreement 'cos it was never signed.
  3. Hi all. This is the first draft of my WS. I have not included any of the legal stuff as the judge was very clear that he wanted to know what went on at that meeting. Comments please. IN THE XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX COUNTY COURT CLAIM NO: XXXXXXXXXX BETWEEN HSBC BANKPLC Claimant And XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Defendant WITNESS STATEMENT OF XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX I, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX SAY AS FOLLOWS:- 1.
  4. I think I should be able to draft the WS. He's asked me to go into full detail about the meeting where I did not sign the CCA. He also kept saying that they may just say ' you had the money so pay it back'. I think that was a hint for me to prepare an argument against that approach. I'll post the draft WS when I've written it for comments.
  5. Hi all. Back again for the next round. This is the order from the JD. Comments please. http://i1227.photobucket.com/albums/ee430/Jaxontm/Generalformofjudgementorderamended.jpg
  6. I'll wait to see exactly what he asks for but he did appear to know what he was talking about and he was taking no S*** from any 12 year old solicitor.
  7. Just returned from the Lion's den. DJ gave the other side a hard time for irrelevant waffling then sent me off for 28 days to submit a detailed witness statement then 28 days for them to reply. Will this never end?
  8. Do you think it would be of benefit to give the Judge a copy of the skeleton argument beforehand?
  9. Do you think it would be useful to include the following in my skeleton? On Saturday 17 July 2010 I wrote to the claimant making a request for information under the Civil Procedure Rules. This letter was signed for at 8:16 20 July 2010 by a person named Whittle. In this request I asked for, amongst other things, transcripts of all telephone conversations between us. These I strongly believe would have clearly shown that I had made the claimant aware that no signed document had ever existed. The claimant chose not to comply with this request.
  10. The included the notice on a statement in Feb 2009. Shame.
  11. Hopefully it will be trebles all round but we shall see. Got the CCA 2006 Notice of Arrears in hand will update when I return from the land of the Law.
  12. Assuming make An ASS of U and ME. I should have remembered my basic sales training, never assume anything. So I just turn up and say my piece and wait for the other side to try to shoot me down?
  13. Yes I thought the other side had to see it before hand. Must admit I find all this very confusing. I'll stick to computer systems in future.
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