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  1. I hope this is the right place for this question. I currently receive ESA, but am considering trying to get back into work, although I'm not sure if I'm ready. I'm interested in a job with the NHS, but am worried that if I apply, but don't get the job or don't feel well enough to accept when I learn more about it, the NHS will nevertheless share the information about my application with the DWP, which will affect my ESA. So, would the NHS be able to share my personal data/details of the application with the DWP in these circumstances? Thank you in advance.
  2. Did you tell them you'd been working since February?
  3. I'm sorry for what you've gone through, but serious clinical depression can be a reason that someone can't work.
  4. You could try to claim it, but you won't get it. It's now a very difficult benefit to claim, and you have no chance with your circumstances. I actually think this is a wind-up, though.
  5. I'm in the support group and got sent a form asking if anything had changed. There was no request for an interview, though.
  6. Others will know more than me, but I'm almost certain that you aren't expected to apply for jobs.
  7. It is true, yes. I was put straight into the support group without an assessment, so keep your fingers crossed!
  8. My guess would be that it would only apply if the person was significantly distressed during the assessment. That's only a guess though.
  9. Hi there. If you fail the medical, then to get any money you would either have to appeal or claim JSA. The WRAG is one form of ESA. If you get put in there, you aren't expected to do any work, but do have to go to a few appointments at the job centre. WRAG means you aren't fit for work, but may be in the future. I think appeals are taking a long time at the moment due to the number of people appealing. If you are refused ESA, you get put on an assessment rate during the appeal process.
  10. They almost certainly will still want to assess you. You should also be prepared to only be put in the WRAG group again; a lot of peope are having to re-appeal, as atos seem to take no account of tribunal decisons.
  11. I'd keep some copies in case it gets lost.
  12. I'd be surprised because there's been absolutely no suggestion of this from anywhere else. Given her incompetence, she's probably got the wrong end of the stick!
  13. There is also the exceptional circumstances route into the support group: Life threatening disease The first regulation says that you will be found to have limited capability for work if : a) you are suffering from a severe life threatening disease in relation to which: (i) there is medical evidence that the disease is uncontrollable, or uncontrolled, by a recognised therapeutic procedure, and (ii) in the case of a disease that is uncontrolled, there is a reasonable cause for it not to be controlled by a rec
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