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  1. No it wasnt a over reaction as i believe if a solicitor has lost faith in you there is no point in trying to carry on. I havent actually called my car insurance to deal with this claim as i have heard they don't always work in your best interest. So i prefer contacting other solicitors. A few i have called and they are not interested due to the progress of the claim, as now they will get paid less as majority of work is done. This has left me in a not so good situation.
  2. Ye i did contact them and they will send me the bill but i think this is unfair as he didnt see the claim through. Ye i do have legal expenses cover with my car insurance. This is a personal injury case, but it cant be 50/50 as there are three cars involved and they are blaming each other. That one hit me which caused me to go into the other and vice versa. Yes he had every right to withdraw but he told my solicitor that he is withdrawing because he wasnt there and i made it up :-S So at the moment im trying to find solicitors but they dont want my case as the majority of work i
  3. Hi I had a RTA accident a little while back now and was been dealt with my solicitors. The RTA was on a roundabout where i got sandwiched in the middle. So far the car on the left is blaming the truck on my right and vice versa. I had a witness on the scene and he decided to give a statement in my favor, i thanked the witness and said he may need to go to court. But as soon as he heard this he called my solicitors claiming that he was not there and wanted to withdraw the statement. My solicitor contacted me and implied i was trying to falsify a statement, i was shocked and deci
  4. I received a parking ticket in September for £40 at that time i did not pay it. I did not receive any letters further to this and next thing i know i have baliffs knocking on my door, this was 2 days ago. I had to pay £331 otherwise he would of clamped my car. Is there anyway i can get this back from the council The fine got ordered from Northamptonshire county court and the baliffs are from Rossendales. Any help would be much appreciated.
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