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  1. Hi all i apologise in advance if this is long,


    I bought a Mattress off amazon costing almost £500.

    It was sold by a company and delivery was fulfilled by amazon via prime.

    I was working at the time of delivery but my 70 year old dad agreed to pop in and wait for it for me.

    When it was delivered they knocked on the door and the driver told my dad he had to get the matress off the van himself...which he did. (i really wish i was there grr)


    i get home from work and find a really cheap rubbish mattress that is not even rolled and is taking up alot of space in my front room.

    It's the wrong mattress and very poor quality.


    i contacted amazon and they apologised and said they would send dpd to pick it up tuesday (today) .

    I sat in all day today and dpd were a no show


    i contacted amazon again and the reply i had was that i had to pay for the return and they would put £5 promo credit on my account.

    Surely the mistake was made on they're end and i should not have to fork out for delivery?

    i can only imagine how much it would cost me to return a mattress.

  2. Its work being completed under the Welsh Housing Quality Standard scheme. Most council houses are having the work done. The works include full rewiring, new central heating system, and new bathroom and kitchen. Both the council and the company they contracted were made fully aware of all medical issues before works began.

  3. Hi all i hope im posting in the correct place. just wanted to share and get advice.



    My parents live in a council house and have been having work done by a company called keepmoat.

    The work is now sort of completed(according to them).



    My mom has copd and is on oxygen and also has fibromyalgia and my dad has parkinsons and dementia.

    The issue is they were left for 24 days without shower and kitchen facilities

    and when they finally installed shower they didnt seal it so they have a leak going down into kitchen which has been ongoing for 6 weeks.



    They have broke my parents bed, mirror, wall unit and damaged their wooden flooring.

    Their downstairs toilet was not plumbed in and my mother relies on this alot as she has IBS.

    They were prmoised on 6 occasions that this would be plumbed back in and nothing was done.



    my mother had a really bad flare up and and as she uses a stair lift she couldnt get upstairs in time to get to the toilet

    and had an accident and i have never seen my mother so embarrased or uncosolable it really broke my heart.



    She spent her 65th birthday in bed crying.

    they have plug sockets that dont work because the electricians didnt run wires to them,

    there is holes in the kitchen ceiling, cracks in walls and ceilings and they put the wrong floor protection on the floor in the kitchen

    which i slipped on and damaged muscles in my back.



    I have been phoning them multiple times a daily and also contacted local mp

    and am getting nowhere.Im really at the end of my tether and am considering going to the newspapers.

    But just wanted adivce on whether people think this is the right way to go.

  4. Hi everyone


    i placed an order for a phone with simply electronics on 23/4 this was a birthday present for my mother.


    They stated it would be dispatched within 24-48 hours.


    2nd may i emailed them and asked why my order had not been dispatched yet.


    They replied it would be dispatched within 48- 72 hours.


    I then requested to cancel my order because i got fed up with waiting

    and because it would not arrive in time for mams birthday.


    i recieved a reply offering me a free memory card if i continued with my order

    or if i still wanted to cancel email them and confirm i wanted to cancel and i would receieve my refund.


    i confirmed cancellation and i then receieved another email

    saying i couldn't cancel because it had been dispatched and it would

    arrive within 2 days(this was 4 days ago) even though it clearly stated on my account

    that the item had not dispatched yet.


    I am now actioning a charge back with my credit card provider.


    But lo and behold this morning i received an email saying good news

    we have just dispatched your order.


    Its seems that they just completely disregard my right to cancel

    and looking online just now its seems hundreds of people

    are having problems with this company regarding cancellations/refunds/returns.


    Can anyone offer any advice?

  5. hi everyone so i finished work on 17th September and have contacted my employer several times requesting my p45, final payslip and monies owed and they kept telling me they dont have my p45 so i rang their accountant today and the lady on the phone stated that my ex employer has had my p45 since the 10 October. So obviously my employer has been withholding this. The accountant said they would send me a duplicate but im still unhappy about the fact that my ex employer had had this since the 10th October. Can anyone give me some advice about this please.

  6. i have worked for a private care company for 5 and 1/2 years.


    i care for people with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour.


    Part of job is to take the residents on days out , shopping etc.


    i have said from the start of my employment that i am more than willing to assist residents with any activities other than swimming.


    I have a very bad phobia of water.


    my manager is now trying to force me to take a resident swimming tomorrow even though i have previously stated i cannot do this.


    i cant swim and have a very bad phobia of water so surely this is putting myself and the resident at risk.


    Now they are saying well if you cant go swimming you obviously aren't fulfilling your role.


    can soemone help as to where i stand with this please

  7. Hi everyone,


    i had a loan with cfo some time ago and they took full payment for this loan aswell as taking additional money from my account forcing me to change banks. I have proof that they have had payment from me but im still receiving calls and texts. so today i received a text saying the following.


    "as you have failed to arrange a payment with CFO, all your numbers have been uploaded to be called continuously"


    Are they allowed to do this. I would class this as intimidation.

  8. just had a phone call of a colleague telling me that the deputy manager has spoke to her and said that she does not believe that i went to hospital and does not believe that i have pulled a ligament.I have no issue with this as i can easily produce a doctors certificate as proof but surely she shouldn't even be discussing me with another colleague.

  9. it has been logged in accident book. i have been employed there for over 5 years. if any violence occurs to staff there is meant to be a meeting afterwards between the staff member and the management to discuss what happened and if you feel you need to press charges etc. i was offered no medical attention at all from the management. i completed relevant documentation e.g. incident reports, behavioural monitoring forms and a copy of these have also been sent to cssiw.

  10. I work as a carer for a private care home for people with learning difficulties and challenging behaviour. On Saturday whilst in work i was attacked by a patient/service user i was kicked in the knee full force causing my knee to buckle and causing me to fall to the floor. I had soem pain in my knee but whe i woke up sunday morning the pain was intense so took myself off the local hospital where i was informed that i have a pulled ligament and im being referred to physiotherapy. so i have first aid training tomorrow so i informed work yesterday that i would be unable to attend due to the level of pain that im in and basically its gonna be impossible for me to complete the course as there is no way i can get to the floor to practice chest compressions and the recovery position. I was told that if i did not attend the course that i would have to pay for it £65. I was quiet gobsmacked as i attained this injury whilst at work and now they are trying to make me pay for the course i cant attend due to this injury. Since this injury i have had no support whatsoever from any of management. can they make me pay for this course? Any help would be gratefully received. thanks

  11. ok so i have been employed for 3 years in a private care home. i had some time off sick about 5 months ago due to a back complaint . i saw an occupational health doctor and was told i was fit for work. so once i returned to work i was told that if i had any more time off sick from work it would be instant dismissal. my manager commented to me that unless im dying i should turn up for no matter how ill i am. i questioned this as works policy with stomach bugs clearly stated 48 you cannot enter the premises for 48 hours. My manager said that if i had sickness and diarrhoea to simply stick a cork up my bum and go to work. Any way i have been attending a weight managment clinic because i am overweight and work has supported me with this. i show them my appointment cards every time. Now my manager is demanding to see my weight clinic card (where they record my weight each time i go) to see what my progress is. My manager stated that if i didnt show her it i would be suspended. can she do this?


    also while i was on the sick, i missed 2 appointments in the weight clinic and my manager telephoned me asking me why. I asked her how she came by this information as it is confidential, she said she had contacted the weight management clinic. As far as i am aware the clinic which is NHS run, cannot give out this information. i know my manager has "contacts! in the NHS. As she regularly brags about it.


    Also i am was told that because of my absence from work when i was ill that i have to have weekly supervisions, which have not been completed for 2 months. Now because we have an inspection coming up the manager stated that she will write the supervisions for the last 2 months and back date them and i will have to sign them, which i refused to do as they should have been completed weekly as stated when i returned to work.


    can anyone help please?

  12. i have 2 transactions on my account which i rang santander and requested chargebacks for.



    at first they refused saying they dont do chargebacks.

    I explained to them as my card is visa it comes under visa company policy that i can request chargeback(s).



    They were a bit stunned to say the least.

    They then went onto tell me that i have to wait 30 days to request a chargeback

    and in them 30 days i must contact the merchant who took the money and attempt to get a refund.



    i explained to them that i have contacted the merchant numerous times regarding the 2 transaction

    and they keep hanging the phone up.



    Santander said i would still have to wait 30 days.

    Also the 2 payments were taken from a card which was actually not active at time of them taking money

    from account as i lost my card and had cancelled it.



    i am rather annoyed to say the least.



    Has anyone got any advice on this matter?

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