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  1. I aid 400 cash as did my ex flatmate. I got a reciept from the agent which was printed and signed by the agent as a courtesy slip. We were both listed on the contract and paperwork except the depsit protection account where the agent had only named my ex flatmate.
  2. Hi, I recently moved out of a property due to my flatmate at the time not paying rent. After moving out, my ex-flatmate reclaimed the deposit (£400 we paid each in cash and I got a receipt for my half) and has done a runner. He was able to do this as the letting agent only put the deposit with the DPS under his name and not mine. I've sent a letter contacting the ex-flatmate letting him know he owes me this and that I will pursue legal action to reclaim it, and am also considering taking action against the letting agent for his error and letting this happen. Any advice
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